Time Lapse-Rustic Wood Thin Blue Line Flag Build

Here is a time lapse video made with a Wyze Cam v2 using 3 second intervals. I was building a rustic wooden flag. This is my 1st time posting and attempting to attach a link for a video, so hopefully it works. The video is about 4mins long.



very cool!

Nice work! :heart:

Thank you! I have enjoyed making these flags & making the video was a good way to document the build.

Do you sell these? I’ve seen several local people sell these, I was considering making one myself

I haven’t sold any of mine yet. I’ve made 10 so far and they have all been given as gifts. As with anything, the more you make the easier and faster it is to complete. I watched several YouTube videos before making mine. A few good ones that I followed were by “The Furrminator” and “John Builds It”.

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