#CapturedOnWyzeCam Contest [April/2018] - House Demo Timelapse

On 4/2 we started the demo of a 1950s rambler which we purchased from the original owner in late 2016. I had borrowed my brothers GoPro to do a time lapse, but funny enough, couldn’t find the right mounting hardware and location and it proved to be too complicated. Keeping in simple I put a Wyze cam on the windowsill of the house we are currently living in, and viola, mission accomplished.

I’d like to time lapse the entire project with a photo every hour for the next five months and will try work that out in the settings and post the completed project in September!

Watch on Youtube

Oh no unfortunately it doesn’t seem like the video link came through!

Thanks! Updated.

Oh wow that is pretty interesting to watch!

That was an AWESOME video!