Time lapse not available -again!

I know this is an old issue and one that I thought was resolved, but all of a a sudden I have the problem again. Run time lapse, go to view /download and it says 'time lapse video does not exist ’

Opened a ticket but just wondered if anyone else is having the issue again.
Running latest app and firmware updates.

Hi, @tomp. Can you please specify the app and firmware versions? “Latest” is subjective depending on when someone reads a post. :slight_smile:

Oops! good point. App version 2.4.50 (beta) Firmware

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What are all the parameters?
Length of time
frame timing
I’ve been running 3 to 6 hour, 3 second on app v2.4.93/FW frequently.

I didn’t know 2.4.50/ was out.

Two items:
App version is correct but I made a typo on the FW - It’s, not
Second :this is the RTSP FW. Don’t know if that would make a difference in time lapse or not.