Time Lapse in V3


I think I must have done something wrong. I was trying to use the time-lapse feature of my V3 to record clouds moving in the sky. So I turn my V3 to the sky, turn off the motion tagging, and put in interval to be 3 sec and duration to be 2 hours. After downloading the video I found that this was just a continueous recording and not a time-lapse recording. I tried to change the interval to 5 minutes and the duration to 6 hours and the result is the same. Any advice?

How are you trying to view the timelapse?

I downloaded the video into my cellphone photo folder and viewed the video on my cellphone.

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The time-lapse feature outputs a video file. If you watch the time stamp on the video, does it increase every frame what your interval was that you set it at?

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Thanks for reminding me to use the Wyze forum in reply.

The time stamp on the video frame increases from each frame. It was 130232 in the first frame, increased to 130327 in the second frame to 130418 in the 3rd frame, to 130517 (4th), 130559 (5th) …

The interval I set was 5 minutes.

I am enclosing the video for your reference.

Any suggestions as to what have I done wrong and why is my time-lapse video not working?

Thanks in advance.

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That looks like a motion event. Are you downloading that from the event tab in app?

To download the time-lapse video, connect to the camera then click on the album link in the more menu.

Or the album link in the time-lapse menu.

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Oh, I got it, I got it! All the time I have been downloading and viewing motion videos and not time-lapse videos! (Just find it hard now to believe that I could be that stupid!)
Thank you so very much.

Glad you got it working and figured out! :slight_smile: