Thumbnails not showing up in the notifications

Events tab yes. Notifications on android did and now no.

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Apparently they are spotty. Cause just received a new notification at the door and the dang thumb is there. Maybe it when there are too many notifications it doesnt show. Who knows.

My event alerts all show up except for the smart video alerts from the motion sensor and contact sensor. Those are not consistent but I’m not using the beta app so it could be a bug.

Using beta app and smart video alerts from the motion sensor and contact sensor are not consistent. Either no video or a thumb without any activity. Activity is there on playback.

I have to ask whats a Maven?

In short… Someone that tries to help answer questions and such…a wyze fanatic maybe?


Welp answering questions. I try my best to. Wonder how I can shoot to become one… lol @WyzeGwendolyn any ideas… lol

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I am on 2.4.80 and seems lately the thumb nails in notifications is now gone.

@Urbnized, if you’re serious about wanting to join, I’m happy to keep you in mind! We WILL put you to work, though!

We think we may be on the right track for figuring this out. Could you please try temporarily keeping your app on in the background to see what happens with your notification thumbnails?

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App v2.4.93
Kinda the same problem here but not with event thumbnails, with the thumbnails on the home screen, and only on the v2 cameras. My v1 still updates the thumbnail after I view the camera live.
v2 cam firmware at

I’m having this problem now with a Galaxy S10 Plus. Its not even Beta software, just the regular version. Does anyone know how to fix it? It has worked before. Thanks in advance.

I would clear the cache. it might be reading from the wrong directory.

Thank you kindly :blush: Trying this right now. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:.

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Unfortunately that didn’t work :confused:. Thank you for reaching out to me. Greatly appreciated.

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this will be a stretch and somewhat a pain, but maybe uninstall and reinstall the app. for some reason ( I haven’t had those issues yet to try it ) some people find small things like this seem to fix themselves after a uninstall and reinstall of the app.

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Thank you, once again! On my way to give it a try. Can’t hurt anything, right? :laughing: Thanks again for your help. :pray:

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Unfortunately it also didn’t work out. I also noticed that im no longer get playback, the error message is back. :cold_sweat::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::cold_sweat: Went to look at recorded footage and it was all gone! Happens all.the time now.
Thanks for.your help. Might be buy Eufy.

hmmmm thats really odd. when you say recorded footage, do you mean sd card or events? none of those should be gone either way.

let me tag some friends of mine, they might have had more experience with this particular issue than I have and know a trick.

hey there @Mavens…any thoughts on the thumbnails/ things disappearing? any know of any possible maintenance going on?

Thank you once again. Yes, all footage from my SD card has been erased, happens all the time but usually only when app updates. I should have transferred it yesterday but got busy with something else.
I have seen the thumbnail images on S10 so I know its possible. Even will get the odd one still.
I also have an issue with iPad thumbnail, as its always too big and only shows a corner of the picture. So frustrating.

No, not that I know of. If there’s any it shouldn’t affect it.

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