Thumbnails in Notifications?

Can you help me understand when I should see thumbnails in notifications on the Andriod app? I saw them once a week or so ago, but never since.

Thumbnails in notifications are not working for many people , if you had them a week or so ago you must be running a beta app version

Oddly enough, I’ve been seeing the thumbnails in the notifications on IOS 13 Public Beta, but the Wyze App itself is funky and not running as it should.

I had them for about 1 day after the latest app update with Android - No Beta version … I don’t get it …??

Just today they came - and went - on my Android.

I just got the update and after a half of a days worth of motion detection they stopped working. You will need to clear the cache. Started working again

What is your app version ?

it is V 2.4.24