Thumbnail Images not showing in notifications on Galaxy S10 Plus

Hey everyone,
I did do a quick search to see if a thread like this already existed but couldn’t find anything current. My apologies in advance if this is a double post.

I’m having trouble getting the thumbnail images to show up in my notifications on S10 Plus. I can get them on an S8 and S9 but it won’t (does every now & then) on S10 plus.
Also, on my iPad it will show me a large thumbnail but only shows a portion of the screen/scene so usually it’s useless. Tried rotating the iPad to see if that would rectify but didn’t work.
I’ll include a screen shot of what im getting.
Thank you all in advance.
P.S-Not using Beta at present time, but had to pick something close. !


Here are the screenshots from the iPad. Thanks again.

Shameless Bump. Sorry, just looking for a solution to this problem.