Three legged raccoon


He’s a good boi :raccoon:

This one has 4

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Fred, I lost a three legged raccoon in Toronto near the Leaside bridge this spring. Left arm was amputated as a juvenile. Looks just like a tripod dog. I’m wondering if this might be him. Looks the same. Walks the same way.
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So does this pig, uhh, raccoon! Or at least I think he does. :wink: (scooping up bird seed by the paw full from a feeder out on the mulch)

I doubt it as I live in San Diego CA but who knows Raccoons have been know to travel :slight_smile:

That’s all I needed to hear. Thanks.
I knew the fruit tree couldn’t be in Toronto but I’ve never heard of another arm amputee.
That’s amazing to see.