Thoughts on connectivity for AP users

Hi. Initially had difficulty connecting my 5 newly acquired Wyze Cams to my home network. I live in Longmont, CO (fastest internet in the country) and have symmetrical Gigabit fiber direct to my (modest) 1/2 rack (10"). Running Mikrotik RB750Gr3 router hardwired to most of the house w/ 3 TP-Link Omada EAP225 v3 in mesh configuration carrying the WiFi payload.WiFi is relatively robust: having no difficulty with multiple IOT devices, switches, phones, Google Home devices, irrigation controller, 2 HD Homerun tuners, and various other stuff.

My PITA B-Hyve WiFi irrigation controller

(great now after learning its eccentricities) taught me a valuable lesson, hopefully relevant to anyone out there using TP-Link, Ubiquiti, or any of the prepackaged consumer grade mesh solutions. This has helped me with multiple devices, and I found this to be relevant tof the Wyze Cams, too.

Shut down every Access Point other than the one nearest to your devise. Go into the settings of the devise in closest proximity to the camera you wish to set up: disable the 5ghz radio. Connect (hopefully) to your 2.4ghz SSID with relative ease. Once connected, restore all settings to all APs. Don’t know why these devises, and others are sometimes persnickety, but they are.


Oh, meant to add I’m running 12v passive POE over Cat6 to all Wyze Cams from previous analog Zosi system. These work great spliced to micro usb.