Struggling with getting initial connection!

I am not a tech expert and so spent much of the day yesterday trying to get my 2 Wyzecams and 2 Wyze Pancams connected without success. Here is my equipment:

ISP is Comcast Xfinity
Modem is a Netgear CM31T
Router is an Apple Airport hardwired to Modem
Have signal booster in middle of house for Wifi signal

I could not connect at first and then figured it’s a 2.4 GHz vs. 5 GHz issue. I spent a lot of time on the modem only to realize that the Apple Airport is the wifi signal not the modem itself. I then was able to reconfigure the Airport thru my MacBook Pro to have only the 2.4 GHz signal and not the 5 GHz (it was configured to be automatic for either Band). I then figured I had this cat in the bag, only to try multiple times with both the fixed camera and the pan camera, NO JOY! I sent in an email request to the Wyze tech folks but don’t expect a reply of any kind for several days.

Any ideas for me on solving this problem?

Okay so you disabled the 5G for now? What part of the setup process are you getting stuck at? How close are you setting up the camera to the router?

I go thru the setup process, scan the QR code, then the camera goes to connect, and after about 10-20 seconds it says, “Unable to connect to local network”…

and yes, I disabled the 5G completely for now… or at least I believe that I have based on the Airport Utility window on my MacBook Pro.

I found this by going to the Support link at the top-right of the web page, and searching for “connectiviity”.

I’m not sure if the camera is connected on anything right now as I cannot connect to the Wifi so I’m dead in the water… I just cannot figure out how to get the camera’s to connect to the wifi… it’s extremely frustrating as I’ve done everything I have found on the Support link, the Community searches tips and recommendations… it should not be this problematic… the cameras should a.) be able to select 2.4GHz from a dual router, b.)they should be able to easily connect thru a standard router without all of this rigamarole and frustration which appears to be very common… I spent about $120 as i recall for 2 static and 2 pan cameras and all i have are paperweights right now…

Do you have any way of measuring the signal strength?
I don’t know Macs but is an example of a utility to show your signal strength.
Let us know the status of the LED lights and approximately how long they take to get there.
On of my 4 V2’s has taken a while to hook up, while the rest take about
20 seconds from solid to blinking yellow,
10 more seconds to blinking yellow/blue
10 more seconds to blinking blue
10 more seconds to solid blue.

a. They do. I have both 2.4 and 5 Ghz running on 4 routers.
b. Normally connection is easy or else there would be a lot more posts with problems.

Be patient, Wyze and/or forum users will figure out the problem.

What type of signal booster are you using?
Are you trying to connect to the signal booster SSID or is it the same as your router?

You mentioned a signal booster (a WiFi extender) in the middle of the house. Suggest that you temporarily unplug the booster. Then attempt to configure the Wyzecam to connect to the Airport while reasonably close to it. That might resolve the problem. I have seen Wyzecams get ‘confused’ when in proximity to two base stations broadcasting the same SSID.

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Saying that you make me wonder if the wireless is on the same channel and getting confused at the connection point.

Last week I was troubleshooting a Wyzecam issue at my brother’s. He has two APs, one in the main house, one in an outbuilding. They have the same SSID. The cam was in the main house, yet it associated with the AP in the outbuilding, even though its signal level (RSSI) was much lower than the signal from the nearby AP in the main house. As a result, the quality of the connection (over the weak WiFi connection) was quite poor - lots of dropped pings, frozen video, etc.

I’ve concluded that the Wyzecam does a poor job selecting which BSSID to choose when faced with a number of alternatives.

After most of 1-1/2 days attempting to connect new cameras and getting nowhere, I went out of town to meet an old friend. About an hour into my trip, wife texts and says she got them connected. She thinks something is off in my iPhone settings. I had turned Bluetooth off thinking that could provide interference but that didn’t work either. We have the exact same iPhone X… go figure!

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That’s awesome your issue is resolved! Please share here if you figure out what caused you to be unable to connect the cameras with your phone. It may help someone else. :slight_smile:

I will definitely do that once I know what the issue was!

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Hmm, there’s a lesson here… :grinning:

Kyphosis, surely you aren’t implying that there is a defect in my manual operating systems?!?! Lol

Certainly not! Fortunately you seem to have top-tier on-site tech support:-)

I’ll be very interested to hear back if you figure out what happened. Why could her iPhone get the cams working and not yours? I don’t think the fact that you had turned off Bluetooth would have made any difference.

I have found on occasion that turning my iPhone’s WiFi off then back on will clear some mysterious WiFi network problems.

Kyphosis, we went ahead and setup all 4 cameras using my wife’s phone and email. I then ‘shared’ in her wyze app to me via my yahoo email address. When I went to ‘accept’ the sharing invite, it blocked it and won’t let me utilize via sharing so now I have to log in on my phone using her credentials (email address and her wyze password).

We have the same phones… I have no clue as to the issue, but at least cameras are up and running so now I can get my security plans in motion.

What a hassle.

Could you post a screenshot of the message you get when you are blocked from accepting the share?

That said, it may be best for you to both share the same login. This is because the control of the settings by shared users is somewhat limited. Two people of equal “rank” in the same household are usually better off logging in under the same account.

I don’t get a screenshot message…. the cellphone does the timer countdown from 150 seconds and just freezes when it concludes…… the message is thru the Wyze camera itself and it says something to the effect of ‘unable to connect to the network’…. I’ve done everything I can think of and my phone just won’t do it so we’re going forward under my wife’s email/password…. Frustrating, but at least we’ve gotten this far now. Crazy.