This company sucks!

All cameras, I own almost every version of cams and the app for iOS and windows web view suck!!! The inconsistency between devices is horrible, I wonder if I could send all cameras back and get some kind of reimbursement …
Again, this applies to al versions of cams I bought

Maybe it’s your iPhone?

I have mostly No Issues with my Pan-Cam, V2’s & V3’s running on Android 13

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Can you provide a bit more information so that we can determine what you are experiencing.

  • What type of device are you running on
  • What is the OS version of the Device
  • What iOS App Version do you have installed

Then provide descriptive information as to what your issues are

Like @bryonhu , I don’t have any major issues with my Android Devices. With my iOS Device, I have minimal issues, mostly around grouped cameras. But the temporary fix is to remove the cameras from being grouped until the update is in place.