Third party Oauth site

Hello, for some reason IFTT became disconnected with Wyze. When I try to reset the connection, I am directed to Entering my username and password does nothing and the page doesn’t do anything or even give an error. I noticed that this is a different page than you would get when linking to Alexa… Not sure if IFTT is just directing the the wrong site possibly?

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Wonder if somehow connected to the Let’s Encrypt revocation? Not seeing cert revoc here though… dealt with another site today that it was an issue though.

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I’m experiencing the exact same symptom - only i’m trying to link my wyze account to my google home… i get to that screen, enter my email/pass (which i know are correct), and when I hit the ‘Sign In’ button, nothing happens at all.
the button momentarily lights up (to indicate that it’s been pressed), and then goes back to it’s normal colour… however, nothing happens.
No error msg, no indication that Sign In has been attempted, no indication that auth has happened… just nothing.

in my case, i’m trying to set up the integration for the first time - I’m not sure if this is germane, but I’m located in Canada

Same issue here. I have had integration with Google Home for a long time. I successfully installed and connected a new plug in the wyze app, but it wasn’t showing in google home. I disconnected from wyze in google home, and when trying to sign back in the oauth page is having the same symptoms of those listed by others (allows input of credentials, but doesn’t progress when clicking button). Direct email with support suggested uninstalling/reinstalling wyze app. That didn’t help.

Ditto. From google home → wyze linking takes to . Enter email/password , just sits there.

Is this a Wyze issue, or something related to third party tokens? Has anyone with Wyze commented on this?

I have relayed the info to the team but I have no firm information yet.


Cool, thanks! :+1:

Same issue for me. Cannot proceed past the login form.

This same issue appears to be impacting those that need to renew IFTTT Auth. It attempts to load the page and stalls. All IFTTT applets connecting to Wyze are down for me due to this auth issue.

Same issue here with Google Home. I get a blank screen when Google home links to

I have some Wyze devices already linked with my Google Home but was installing more Wyze products today and am unable to go through the “check for new devices” process within Google home

My IFTTT integration returned to normal without further action.

Thanks Wyze Team!

Seems to be working for me too! Thanks

Working now for me as well!