Third party ATT sim card

I recently purchased and setup my outdoor wireless game camera. The original sim card ran out of data. I tried to use a new ATT sim card that i purchased with my current phone account. The ATT sim card gets an error every time after entering the ICCID number? Can you not use a third party sim card? NOTE I am not referring to the SDcard.

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What camera are you talking about?
Wyze as far as I know, does not make any camera that accepts any sim card.

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I have the VYZ-KT3C-4G solar powered 4G camera. It comes with a sim card with limited data capacity.

Your issue will be better addressed by posting on the Vyze-Link forum and AT&T Community forum.

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At least I was not losing my mind. OPwas not asking about a Wyze product…


I will give the OP a pass on this one…

Vyze and Wyze… Too similar.

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But they still think they have a Wyze cam as noted on recent AT&T forum post:

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@l2twit Okay, now we know you are not using a Wyze camera. But here’s two things that might help you cypher your issues you are having.

  1. could be you got a at&t SIM, but not a at&t data SIM. Might be factory programmed for phone, not data device.
  2. likely you have a web-based online login to a product database. Could still be my 1), but could also require that you inform them/register the replacement SIM’s long number to show a new data stream coming to their equipment.
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I have heard that Vyze cameras do work with:

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