Things my Wyze Cam sees

Classic s-post.


Honestly, my biggest surprise is that here we have these huge horses covering the entire top half of the screen as they move and the green motion tag is only showing a tiny rectangle in the middle that doesn’t include the horses at all :rofl:

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So nice to leave you a souvenir of their visit…

This was surprising to me too. But… It may reveal the presence of newly updated firmware features…

If the detection zone is set to below the street area in the video frame (bottom half), only the movement within the detection zone is now being AI interrogated and motion tagged. I found this to be true in a recent test I did on one of my V3 after the update. I limited the DZ to 1\2 of the field (L\R). When I entered the field, it did not motion tag me until I actually broke the DZ barrier and stopped motion tagging me when I exited the DZ. Similarly, I motion activated the cam while I was outside the DZ with non PD motion inside the DZ. It activated a motion event, but did not tag me PD even though I was in the frame but outside the DZ. It would only tag PD when I was physically inside the DZ.

I didn’t think anything of your post above until I read the AMA summary you posted:


Well I just took it that the wide expanse of horse hide has so much less pixel change than the flying feet; thought that was obvious.


This is huge news!. A major and often requested change in basic Wyze AI detection behavior.


I know, right! :raised_hands: WooHoo!

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If you have a garden, that is great fertilizer. My father in law used to go to the racetrack and buy their horse manure for his garden. Several loads had hypodermic needles. The inspectors aren’t going digging in horse poop.

So the owners were tossing the used syringe in a nearby pile and the horses were later consuming them? Or they were chucking the whole thing down their throats?

They were shooting the horses with stimulants and disposing of the syringes in the manure pile.

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My Wyze Cam would never see this. She’s a naif.

Oh of course. Thanks.