Detection zone not working on outdoor cam

I set my detection zones to ignore the flag. Motion tagging keeps activating the camera for the darkened zones. Any help or suggestion is appreciated.

Processing: IMG_0760.mp4…

Just created the account and it will not allow the video with motion tagging. However, the motion tag is highlighting the flag as the motion.

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Hmm… Which cam, and what are you detection settings at? I have a similar setup and will try to duplicate the settings and see.

Thanks. It’s the Wyze cam outdoor. Firmware is up to date as well

You bet. I’m heading out for some training for a few days, but will fiddle with this next week. Good lookin’ driveway…love a wide flat drive. Workspace.

Motion tagging has nothing to do with setting off the cam. I have 4 WCO and one V3 and they all record event videos that are not in the detection zone. Turn motion tagging off, if the flag is moving you will still get the event recordings.

Are you talking about the camplus ai tagging? Or the motion tagging with the dancing green boxes?

@mods? Able to assist our new friend @ellis ? Thanks in advance!


Welcome ellis. I have increased your forum trust level to allow you to post videos. Please try to re-upload.



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Thank you I will try turning off the motion tag setting and see if that stops the recording.

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Seem like that was it. Thank you.

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