Thief smashing Wyze Monitoring base station? Turn of sound to prevent finding it?

That is the biggest flaw in this system. There is no cellular backup. If your internet goes down… for any reason…so does this alarm system. I bought a system with internet and cellular redundancy.

You can set up a ups to feed all the cameras and a hotspot located out of the way so it would never be found. I just bought cameras and will use this setup for a barn on a remote property we own. If this is at a residence, you can have a bonded modem with cellular redundancy, and not sure the hesitation with having that on a UPS either, that way when the power blips your not waiting for the internet to return (god forbid). If you want a $40 camera that handles black outs and cut comms, your not being reasonable. The relevant comparison to ring cameras etc are more accurate, and I suspect equipment with proprietary backups & cellular redundancy would be more expensive.

The backup expectation was more about the base station of the Wyze security system, not the cameras.

I think you are paying for home monitoring. Not paying for backup house power generation.

Maybe you want to also consider an UPS or home power backup.

Not Wyze, but isn’t this what the Amazon mesh system Sidewalk is for?

Actually, no. In fact, the “sidewalk” feature only really works if your neighbors or people near your location have it on. I don’t have it turned on as a matter of fact. Articles I read recommended that I avoid using it. I’m not sure how you anyone could rely on it anyway. The system needs a cellular backup to be a viable alarm system to protect your home.

I use SimplySafe for my alarm. It has a WiFi interface, but also has a cellular backup and battery backup. Monitoring is $14.99 a month. I find that cost for peace of mind worth it. Another home monitoring system, Cove, is also $14.99 a month with WiFi, cellular, and battery backup. If Wyze had the cellular backup, it would be perfect. I understand that monitoring would probably cost more, but you can’t have an alarm system without cellular back up in case WiFi is lost.

I meant conceptually.