Thief smashing Wyze Monitoring base station? Turn of sound to prevent finding it?

I’m taking it to the extreme?

You just said people install security systems to account for “every” eventuality? Oh really???

Do you have breakage alarms on every window? Did you install that moat I mentioned? Unless you have infrared cameras looking for heat signatures… then I just don’t believe you are really serious about home protection? Personally, I just bought a guard house from Amazon that I’m going to staff with a security guard… his name will be Gus, and he will only carry a baton and whistle.

People purchase insurance, security systems, cars, homes, all based on the level of comfort and security they can “afford”, not the level of feature they really want (this is where my moat & Gus comes into my design). I can’t afford Gus or the moat yet because my [Mod Edit] Earlcoin hasn’t mooned 10000x yet…

Have you ever considered the R & D required to integrate a cell backup into this solution? For the small % of the people that would honestly use it? Their cameras and stuff would be a LOT more expensive if they tried to accommodate that. So, instead, make it more reasonable to the general consumer and cover many of the bases in Home Security. And don’t make me pay 10% more on your products and services because you spent useless R & D money on a feature nobody uses.

Again I say, if someone needs a fortress of security… they aren’t coming to Wyze to do it because they have money and can pay for the high end stuff where the company put the extra 5% of R & D into the product features (so it costs more) and also have every type of protection possible in their very expensive houses. Including generators on their house, cell plans as backup, 2 internet plans, and I’m assuming a wall and security gate on the property.

Wyze seems to be trying to do their best to split technology and cost… and make great products with those 2 things in mind… which is VERY hard to do. You will never satisfy everyone. There’s always a complainer that says… “What about this???”

I say… “Look at what this does for the price!!!”

<drops mic, deletes internet>


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