Thermostat wont cool

Wyze worked well when the heat was needed in the winter. Now its gone for a toss when a/c is needed. At times, AC will work as expected. Most times, it wont cool and it will say “8h 22m” to cool from 79 → 76. This is so ridiculous. The old dumb thermostat was so much more reliable.

Is there anyway to fix this? I see many posts like this but no conclusion

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Show your wiring.

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Wiring wasnt the problem. I contacted support. They asked me to a factory reset. Then, it started cooling in few mins rather than the ungodly 8h 22m time. That tells me some bug in the thermostat.

Also, once I turned off the HVAC for few mins. That power reset also helped with reducing the cooling time from hours to mins.

Just to add, wiring is not a problem. Attaching the pics

This is an ongoing problem. When I report thermostat is not cooling to support, they ask to do a power recycle & factory reset as mentioned below and it starts to work

Few days later, it wont cool again. It will say 8hours to cool the room by 2 degrees or show safety delay message. Its rinse, wash & repeat i.e do the above and AC starts working. Today, it completely stopped. None of the power recycle / factory reset is helping. AC wont turn.

Totally frustrated with this [Mod Edit] product from Wyze. Does anyone have any solution?

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Contact support and get an RMA / replacement. Use your old thermostat in the meantime. If the problem starts happening with your old thermostat, you might have a bad cap or contactor on your compressor. (Call a repair company for this, do not attempt to fix by yourself)

Last year, my AC stopped working. It was due to a bad capacitor. I got that changed. So, I doubt its a bad cap now. However, I am gonna switch over to old one and see how it goes.

Switching back to old thermostat works like a charm. The cooling turns on right when you turn on the AC. None of this ridiculous 8h to cool or 2m safety delay messages.

I got this in the beginning of the year. Heating was no problem at all. But cooling is a big mess. In hot summer days, AC wont run. Gonna return this to Wyze. Huge disappointment with this product!!!

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Why isn’t Wyze responding to customer complaints on their forum??? We’re having the same issue (but only says 2 hours to drop 2 degrees) and I’ve factory reset the thermostat twice now, but that shouldn’t be something that constantly needs to be done.

We are having the same issue. It’s 80 degrees in our house and it’s saying 8+ hours to cool to 75 degrees. I’ve factory reset and reset the ac and furnace via the breaker. It’s not working. We are miserable. I’ve reached out to support and haven’t heard anything back yet. I’m about to return the product and buy a Honeywell. We never had this issue until we switched to this thermostat.

If you don’t have a heat pump, try taking the thermostat off the wall and jumping the Rc wire to Y and G. If it starts blowing cool, then it’s the thermostat, if it doesn’t, then it’s something wrong with your air conditioner.

It’s definitely the thermostat. If I use the old thermostat, it works perfectly and there’s no several hour delay before the ac kicks on. I added pictures of the wiring before and after. I’m pretty sure I did it correct, but maybe a second pair of eyes can tell.

@speadie would know better.

But I would put the wiring back and not use the adapter. You have a spare blue wire wrapped, I would connect the blue to C on the control board and at the thermostat.

Then red to RC, G to G, W to W and Y to Y


Looks right, but spamoni4 is correct, you could probably use the blue wire to avoid the need of a C adapter.

I’m thinking people with delay issues and the wyze thermostat might have weak transformers that can’t both power the thermostat and pull in the AC contactor properly.

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