Thermostat wont cool

Wyze worked well when the heat was needed in the winter. Now its gone for a toss when a/c is needed. At times, AC will work as expected. Most times, it wont cool and it will say “8h 22m” to cool from 79 → 76. This is so ridiculous. The old dumb thermostat was so much more reliable.

Is there anyway to fix this? I see many posts like this but no conclusion

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Show your wiring.

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Wiring wasnt the problem. I contacted support. They asked me to a factory reset. Then, it started cooling in few mins rather than the ungodly 8h 22m time. That tells me some bug in the thermostat.

Also, once I turned off the HVAC for few mins. That power reset also helped with reducing the cooling time from hours to mins.

Just to add, wiring is not a problem. Attaching the pics

This is an ongoing problem. When I report thermostat is not cooling to support, they ask to do a power recycle & factory reset as mentioned below and it starts to work

Few days later, it wont cool again. It will say 8hours to cool the room by 2 degrees or show safety delay message. Its rinse, wash & repeat i.e do the above and AC starts working. Today, it completely stopped. None of the power recycle / factory reset is helping. AC wont turn.

Totally frustrated with this [Mod Edit] product from Wyze. Does anyone have any solution?

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Contact support and get an RMA / replacement. Use your old thermostat in the meantime. If the problem starts happening with your old thermostat, you might have a bad cap or contactor on your compressor. (Call a repair company for this, do not attempt to fix by yourself)

Last year, my AC stopped working. It was due to a bad capacitor. I got that changed. So, I doubt its a bad cap now. However, I am gonna switch over to old one and see how it goes.

Switching back to old thermostat works like a charm. The cooling turns on right when you turn on the AC. None of this ridiculous 8h to cool or 2m safety delay messages.

I got this in the beginning of the year. Heating was no problem at all. But cooling is a big mess. In hot summer days, AC wont run. Gonna return this to Wyze. Huge disappointment with this product!!!

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Why isn’t Wyze responding to customer complaints on their forum??? We’re having the same issue (but only says 2 hours to drop 2 degrees) and I’ve factory reset the thermostat twice now, but that shouldn’t be something that constantly needs to be done.