Thermostat not effectively cooling

Installed our wyze thermostat over the winter and the heat worked as expected, with temperatures reached in ~10min or less typically.

Now that it is AC season, the thermostat constantly reads “>2 hours” for temperature corrections and never reaches temp. Never had the house be 5+ degrees over like this and it’s affecting our sleep at this point.

The fan is running but I am not hearing the condenser kick on as often as I believe I should - although I know I’ve heard it running before.

If anyone has had this problem I’d appreciate their input

If calling for cooling, the thermostat doesn’t cycle the AC unit, it will run it until it’s reaches the setpoint minus the temp differential. If you are certain that it does turn on the AC unit on occasion, it would seem like you have another issue like maybe a bad contactor.

Check to see of your compressor is actually running if it’s not and you’ve checked your wiring, submit logs and open a support ticket.

You’re not alone. I’m seeing more and more posts about wyze t-stats not triggering the compressor. Could be a fw bug.