Thermostat User Survey - We appreciate your feedback whether you own a Wyze Thermostat or not


My name is Jason and I’m a product manager at Wyze supporting the Wyze Thermostat. We understand there is still work that needs to be done to the product, and as we continue to look for ways to improve the product for our current and future customers, we would love to hear your thoughts on your use of thermostats in general. At the end of the survey, we will also ask for your interest to participate in a voluntary user interview.

This survey will take approximately 4-5 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time!

Survey link:


I did the survey and responded to all the question regarding the “insights” feature. I think it would be great to get more data and functionality under this feature, but only if it’s in the app, and not through a cloud subscription only. I realized after that it was not clear how any of this new functionality would be made available, cloud vs app. Build it into the app please!

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why don’t work out a manual for thermostat?..

I’ve got a replacement as my first thermostat was not taking changes in schedule but I still find difficult to understand what all the Schedule, Temperature Preferences, Hold, and the temperature range in Welcome screen do. Which one of these overrides the others; which one takes precedence. It’s confusing and there’s no sharing knowledge on your part on this on your site… or is it?.. where?.. can you share a direct URL link to it if there is an explanation of how the thermostat works with minutiae detail?.

If you truly want to improve and work on the still work to be done, you need to first explain us how this works so we can tell you what is not working as you expect it to work.

I have the same question and indicated this on the feedback. I honestly have no idea which rules the thermostats are ever abiding by. Most systems have a ‘following schedule’ indicator. No idea which modes have preference here though.

Also, the emergency heat issue MUST be addressed!!! There is no indication if the system is using EM heat, and this is honestly insane. There needs to be control over this. The old $15 dumb thermostat here had EM heat control. Come on Wyze…there is a massive thread on here about this with no feedback from the support team.

Thermostat Features.pdf (225.1 KB)

Hi camldonados,

Thank you for your feedback. Wyze thermostat does have a user manual, which is available here:

We do realize some of the features are not very well explained in the app currently. We are working on improving that in the coming updates. But to give you a quick turnaround answer, I’ve compiled a feature list explanation attached here. They are not yet in a nice enough format to be officially published, but I hope it will help answer some of your questions. We are working on incorporating this into the manual as well as in the app. Feel free to leave us with any feedback.

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Hi Jason,

I really appreciate the PDF. Thanks for that. I have two follow up questions still:

Are there any plans to allow two users to use the geofence auto away feature simultaneously? For example, if I leave the home and my wife is still there with her device logged into the app, auto away should not trigger - unless we both leave with our devices.

Are there any plans to incorporate an emergency heat indicator? This is only my second night with Wyze thermostats, but I am concerned about the use of emergency heat in the second stage of the thermostats heat. I have noticed two things. Today when it was 70 outside, my home was heating from 70 to 72, and it appears that my EM heat stips had been activated to heat the home faster, as I noticed the heat was on, but my fan outside has already shut off. I’ve read hundreds of reports of this on the Wyze forums, and Reddit. We really need to be able to see when EM heat is being used, and there should be a toggle for it like every other thermostat has, even the dumb ones. I’m concerned that my electric bill is going to skyrocket if EM heat is being used to warm the house faster, but I have no idea it’s even happening.

Additionally, on the other side of the coin - I am concerned about what is going to happen when the temperatures dip down to the 30s next week. My precious cheap Honeywell tstat would sometimes auto engage EM heat, when it’s so cold outside that the heat pump cannot keep up. What will Wyze do in these instances? Again, without the indicator we have no idea what the tstat is doing.

On one hand, I don’t want EM heat being used when it is not needed - on the other, if it’s too cold outside, it’s a necessity. I shouldn’t have to rewire the tstat and then hope that the setting shows up in the advanced settings. I would then have to literally monitor the tstat, for a feature that is included automatically on every other thermostat on the market.

I appreciate your time in these matters and look forward to a reply. I really love the Wyze brand, especially the cameras…and I am hoping to love the tstats, but I need to have these concerns addressed, as there is no information online that I could find after extensive research last night.


Thank you for the references and manual it really helped me at least understand what I’ve discovered by trial-and-error.

I have already found the following:

  • both the Features PDF as well as the manual (URL) mention Minimum Comfort Zone, and Minimum Runtime. They don’t exist in the current app version. Both I’d find them very useful. Maybe they were available and were removed for some reason?
  • In the Features PDF that you attached:
    • in Temperature Preference section-

The temperature preference is used in the STATE under controls in the thermostat main menu

Is this statement true?. I have 2 HOME states in Schedule, they both have different temperatures. One of them matches to Temp Prefs –but a week ago I’ve had them completely different to each other as well as to Temp Prefs.
So, clearly I can have different HOME states in Schedule and they are not governed by Temp Prefs. (Please, refer to my other post for a more detailed explanation on how I discovered –and truly believe– WYZE Thermostat really works: Change in Schedule From App Not Being Updated In Thermostat Device - #3 by cmaldonados).