Thermostat Stage 1 and Stage 2

Can someone explain Heat Stage 1 and Heat Stage 2z. On our Lennox system, it is set to emergency heat. How can I get the wyze to that same setting. We do not want to run the heat pump as it is extremely loud.

I can try!

Stage one is your heatpump. its the same unit as your A/C with the reversing valve switced. It pulls hot air from the outside and into your house. It is very efficient and cost very little to heat a home this way.

Stage two (Or Aux heat) This will be energized by the stat as the temperature in the space falls below the setpoint further even if the heat pump is commanded on. These are normally heated coil wires and are not very cost efficient, but will heat the home faster if the heatpump needed help. typically if the outside air temp is below 40 degrees.

Thanks for the response, is there a way to disable stage 1 and only use stage 2

I don’t think so. I don’t understand why you would what to do this? Its not a very efficient way of heating your home. If your Heatpump being loud is the issue, I think you need to get HVAC tech out there. It shouldn’t be any louder that when you have air-condition on.

I was able to disable stage 1 this way. Run the system test in advance settings and when it asks if you feel warm air during stage 1 say no, say yes in stage 2.

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We have found it is less expensive to only use the gas (emergency) heat, rather than use the heat pump and gas heat.

Ahh ok. That makes sense. I don’t have gas heat. Only heat pump and electric straps as backup. I was confused because my heat pump alone is 300% efficient vs my straps which I have no idea how efficient. Gas is about 95% efficient.

I live in a mild climate where the heat pump can do most of the work without any backup needed.