Thermostat schedules not working

If you have one of the 1.2.1+ firmwares, you’re not the only one. There are a few other threads on this issue.

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Could you provide the Firmware Version of your T-Stat? Asking as I am currently on 1.2.5 with Plugin and have no issues with my schedule. I also have had no issues with the previous Firmware Versions either.

Could you post a screen shot of your schedule?

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @bobcatharv!

If you have made changes in the settings to your Temperature Preferences for Home \ Away \ Sleep, these changes WILL NOT be translated to any Schedules that had previously been set in the Schedule setting.

Once the Schedule is set and the temp setpoints are programmed, they will not change when updating your preferences. Set schedules override the Temperature Preferences.

Review all of your schedule times, states, and temp setpoints to insure these are where you want them.

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My version is 1.2.1 and is up to date. Sorry I looked for other threads but obviously not far enough. Thanks

Currently I only have rules for my cameras. I don’t have any rules related to my thermostat. Is that an issue? I understood I should be able to rely on the schedule as far as set day and night time temps. Thanks

The T-Stat FW is beta Released at this time. You could sign-up for the Beta App and FW to see if your issue gets resolved. Where are you located as it looks like you are using Celsius.

Asking as I am wondering if it could be related to the Time Zone settings.

I am on the East Coast and Use Fahrenheit

I’m in Alberta Canada. Never thought of the temp settings being a possible solution.

Harv Davies

Not sure it would be, I am trying to figure out the difference as I have not experienced the issue you reported.

You could try becoming a beta tester, update the app and see if there is an update FW for the T-Stat.

Note: If you are interested this is beta releases which could cause some issues. you will read in the posts that some have updated their T-Stat and it works fine others have said it did not fix anything.

But if you would like to try, here is a link to get started:

Then after you load the Beta App, start it up and go to Account > About > Beta program
Then select Edit in the top Right, Check the Devices you would like the Beta Firmware for, click save and then back out to the Account Menu and select Firmware Update and see what is available. Or go to the device, settings, Device Info, Firmware and see if there is an update.

One way to determine why the Thermostat isn’t calling for service is to check it just after it is supposed to do its job.

Make sure your thermostat is in Home or Away mode tonight before 9:45pm. Then, after 9:45, check to see if it switched to Sleep mode. If it did not, then I would suspect a time issue with executing the schedule.

If it does switch to Sleep, but doesn’t call for service, check your Differential Temp setting in the Advanced Settings. A Differential set for 3° based on your 17° set temp wouldn’t call for heat until 14° and would heat until 20°. Lowering the Differential will result in less run time, but more often.

Another consideration is if you are using any Remote Room Sensors to change the internal temp reading.

I’ve been struggling with figuring out why my thermostat won’t heat/cool to the temperature preferences, It’s been extremely frustrating. For instance, I have my temperature preference set to 66* and my thermostat says “heating to 67*.” To the point that I’m thinking about tossing these in the trash. But I think you just explained why I’m having this problem. My schedule still shows 67*, despite updating my temperature preferences. My question for you is this: why is it designed that way? Why doesn’t the schedule go off of the temperature preference? It makes no sense to have two places to set the temperature, and it’s very unintuitive. Am I supposed to re-do every schedule every time I want to change it by a couple of degrees? Am I using this thermostat incorrectly? If this is the way it’s designed to work, then it’s deeply flawed IMO. I’m just really at my wits end for Wyze products and I’m sincerely hoping that someone can explain this to me before I spend hundreds of more dollars on something else.

Edit to add: when you go in to edit the schedule, if you click on the temp it says “Override Home set temps,” as if to say “if you edit the temp here, you are over riding the preferred Home temperature.” That would ONLY make sense IF the schedule is supposed to updat the temp from the preferred temp.

And your schedule will always stay at 67° regardless of what you set your preferences to. Once schedules are saved, they operate independently of preferences and they override preferences in that time block. They have priority.

When you first set a schedule, the thermostat draws from the preferences at that time. But that is where its relationship to the preferences ends. Once set, the temps are hard coded into the schedule until you manually change that schedule.

The reason it does this is because of the thermostat’s multiblock scheduling capability. You only have one “Temp Preferance” for each mode (one heat, one cool). However, with multiblock scheduling, you may want it to be in home mode when you wake up until you leave for work, 6a-7a, @ 68°, home mode during lunch from 11a-12p @ 66°, and Home mode again in the evening from 6p-10p @ 70°. If your schedules changed and updated every time you changed your preferences, multiblock scheduling would all be the exact same temp. This feature allows for maximum flexibility in user programming.

If you use schedules, the preferences are just suggestions for where to start when you are programming the schedules.

I eventually dumped schedules altogether and only use the preferences with Alexa automated state changes because I didn’t need that level of complexity. I am content with just the preferences.

If you want to change the set temp in that schedule it is what you have to do.

You are using it correctly. But, like me, you don’t need the level of complexity in scheduling it can provide. It has its purpose for doing what it does. I just don’t use that purpose so it is counterintuitive to what I use it for.

I agree the wording lacks clarity because The Home Set Temp does have multiple places it can be set (Preferences and Schedule time blocks).

It should say “Change Home Set Temps for This Scheduled Time Block”

Hope this helps!

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Thank you, that does help a lot! One last question: how do you not use the schedules? I’m playing around with it now and it seems to always seems to force you to add at least one schedule block to each day.

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If you have a schedule saved, it won’t let you delete all the blocks. You HAVE to have at least one schedule block on one day. It is mandatory to have a schedule.

You have to delete the schedule itself, not the time schedule blocks. When you open to Schedules, don’t open that schedule to Edit Schedule. Just swipe the schedule left to reveal the red trash can and delete it there. You should then be able to delete all your schedules.

I have transitioned to using just the preference temps and Alexa Voice Commands (Alexa, I’m Home, I’m Leaving, Bed Time) to change the Thermostat State. I posted that workaround here.

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Oh man, thanks so much for your help. I never would have figured out how to delete the schedules haha. Now that I have the thermostat block schedules deleted, I’m going to try to use rules instead of schedules to set changes to home/away/sleep modes and see how that works.

I still don’t quite buy the explanation regarding the time blocked schedules, but at least I won’t feel the need to buy something else if I can get it working one way or another.

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How in the hell would someone know to swipe to the left to delete a schedule. I have been trying to figure that out for some time.

Download the User Guide or view it online. Index is hyperlinked, so just click to view the item of interest:


What @Seapup said. :point_up:

Or be like me (the stubborn alpha that refuses to read the instructions first) and come here to the forum and ask. @R.Good set me straight and taught me that when I couldn’t figure it out.

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I have downloaded the test flight app. Do I still need an invite code?
I have selected the thermostat for any beta versions but nothing has changed.


No code will be needed, If you have the Beta and selected the T-Stat Beta FW you will be presented with any Beta FW Updates