Thermostat & Room Sensors - Enhanced runtime info and temp/humidity metrics/history

Like it shows the hours it run daily, if it can also record/capture all temperatures/humidity read at the device and present them in a graph. Perhaps the readings are taken every 5/10 minutes?
Even better, as it has my address, it could fetch the outside temp/humidity from some web api and put the 2 or 4 curves side by side.

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Great idea! Maybe this could be added to the usage data section. Don’t forget to vote for your own #wishlist item!

this would be great!!!

Even more… once the temperature extra add-on sensors can be added to the thermostat system, it will be nice to know the temperature/humidity is at each on so I can see how the HVAC system works overall in my home.

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On the Thermostat, I would like to see the Relative Humidity shown on the physical screen with the temp anytime it is illuminated. Now, it only appears in the app but nowhere on the device.


Is like the ability to get a historical graph of temperature and humidity like most smart thermometers. I use this at a vacation home and when power goes out would like to understand how low temps inside were…

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I would enjoy a paid service for the thermostat at a simple 3$/mo. Where i can check the app and see what temp my thermostate and any sensors were at within each day, and also show outside temp as well as when the thermostat turns my hvac on and off. Like a basic temp over time plot graph.

Right now the thermostat is pretty basic only showing how long each day, week or month it was on. Doesnt show what temps were recorded and what time like from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. it was on. Because outside temp was 100* and inside temps lowest peak was 78 even though its set to 76.

For older units of hvac this would be very helpful finding a good balance and curve for what time of days temps should or could be at thay are achievable. Like how at 1-3 p.m. even though my AC was on my temp went from 72 to 75. Which means this is unatainable.

Example this is all we get for data. (Ive left it at 68 for the past week just to see what happens).


great idea

Add humidity display to Wyze Thermostat

The Wyze Thermostat app shows relative humidity. Why cant that display be added to the Thermostat itself, in addition to temperature?

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I wouldn’t pay 2 cents for extra data, I could just spend the extra money now and get a thermostat that works properly and has all this data now.

I had an ecobee at my last house and this data was readily available.

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Record current temperature at selectable intervals (1hr / 30mins / 15 mins) and store them in along side the hours/mins in the Insights section. Will give a good view of how long it takes to heat/cool your home. Outside temp would be a nice bonus too.

I’d like to see the current real-time humidity shown on the physical display of the device. Right now the only way to retrieve it at all is in the main app page for the thermo. The data is in there, just put it on the screen.

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Please make Insights data downloadable either raw data or spread sheet format.


I like the insight display that lets me see how much I was running the heating or cooling system recently. However there are many more things that the existing hardware might be capable of reporting. How about storing the hourly temperature and humidity so that we can plot out what was happening in the home weather the thermostat isturned on or not. This could be handy if you have a lot of plants around or anything else that might be affected by changes in humidity or temperature such as a piano, or cello, Van Der Graff generator, etc. Or if you are just curious for some other reason.

I wish a symbol would appear on app and thermostat screen when furnace or A/C is running also.
I have color blind friends that may not know by color if furnace or A/C is running.

I’d love the ability to export temperature & humidity to spreadsheet or via API to map to my outside air temperature & power data provided by my utility.

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YEAH! Also would love an hourly breakdown by day. Would really help me fine tune usage.

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Allow exporting the furnace run time data.

I came from an Ecobee setup. It would be nice if the stats provided included more detail similar to the Ecobee:

  • Run time by time
  • Humidity over
  • Heat First Stage vs Second Stage, etc.

Something like this could help to see how often and when the HVAC system is running and if there is any short cycling going on