Thermostat & Room Sensors - Enhanced runtime info and temp/humidity metrics/history

Would like the ability to see the temperature and humidity from my sensors from the past day/week to evaluate how my system is doing. Would also like to see the time of day my air handling system is running, not just a total run time.

I can’t believe this is not standard by now. I doesn’t make much sense to see when the system is running if you can’t compare it against the ambient temperature and or humidity.

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Thermostat- Add YOY and MOM reports including fan & compressor energy usage

Add an energy report: daily, weekly, monthly, and year over year so we can see duration of both fan usage and compressor usage separately were on as compared to the year prior, day prior, month prior and year over year. Honeywell has one but not enough functionality

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I would also like this. But in addition, I would also like them to allow you to go back and see the same month from a year ago. Although I don’t have any data from a year ago, I can see that they limit me to only going back to February. I can promise that when it’s January 2022, I will want to go back and compare my usage to January 2021.

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One of the few feaures I liked about my old Honeywell t-stat

More detailed reporting

It would be nice if we could get some more detailed reporting of the thermostat usage. I have many different zones in my home. All controlled via a wyze thermostat. I’d like to view reports on usage by day, week, month, year to see how well my system is handling the seasonal changes. Currently I am using a sdk to pull the info and display in a separate reporting generator. Would be nice if this type of feature was build in. Maybe even more detailed then what I am putting together.

Temperature History

The thermostat keeps a log of how long the HVAC unit ran for on a particular day. This is great but kind of a useless feature without logging the temperature the thermostat was set for that day and what the outside high/low temp & humidity was. Adding these two things would give much better insight to the household’s energy use and consumption trends.

It would also be awesome to see the energy trends and usage of all wyze devices used. Every device that plugs in should have it’s energy use logged in one place that’s easily accessible. I think visual reports like this will be useful in getting people to reduce their overall energy use.

Thermostat usage reports

Any chance of being able to download thermostat usage reports now or in the future? Doesn’t need to be pretty. A data that could be pulled into Excel would be fine.


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The usage statistics are useless unless you can see when the heatpump is used and the aux.heat separately. It’s the whole point of a smart thermostat. To be able to analyse your usage. Major effect on energy bill!

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Thermostat temp runtime

Can we add a better runtime graph. I had a thermostat before this one that had a bar graph showing hours of runtime and across the bars was the setpoint line and the actual temp. It was nice to be able to see if my unit was actually cooling the house or getting hotter.