Thermostat - firmware 1.2.5

Anyone else experiencing this ?


yes, sucks because i cant change my temperature because its forcing an update that fails.

I submitted ticket 767991

Have pulled it off to power cycle. Nothing is working.

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1.2.5 finally installed this morning, Thermostat working normally.


Just to report the display went funky as well.


If you are receiving the mandatory update pop-up message in the app for your thermostat and you are in the Beta Program, please see this post:

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My Wyze Thermostat froze a few months ago and the support I received for a “home” device was absolutely not acceptable. The device would not function at all and would not allow the unit to operate. It was the middle of the summer and the thermostat controls the second floor of my home. It was recommended to send the device back for RMA. The correct option is to put a replacement in the mail and wait for the bad unit to return. Since I needed a thermostat, I switched to Nest and haven’t looked back. (used Nest for years on my other floors anyway).

–If a Wyze employee sees this and wants to find out why it froze, maybe there is some usable logs on the device, I did not crapcan it. I still have the device.

@WyzeJasonJ @WyzeAndy

Log #:781074
FW: 1.2.5
Plugin Ver:
Android App Version: 2.36.0 (96)
iOS App Version: 2.37.0 (b4)

Issue with the T-Stat when setting Hold based on Time.

Steps to reproduce

  • Start the App
  • Go to your T-Stat
  • At bottom of screen tap on Controls
  • Tap on Hold
  • Select Time

The Potential Problem
Try to adjust the Hours to a time lower than what it is now. Cannot be done. When it is in the PM, the AM option is not available. For example. Lets say it is 2pm and I want to hold the temp till 1am, I cannot set it to do so anymore.

Image of what I am seeing

Yellow arrow shows where 1 and 12 should be but does not exist. Similar to the minutes section. Notice you can select a minute less than what it is currently at.

Red Arrow shows the AM option is missing.

If this is how it is supposed to function now, please let me know.


This actually does work but is a bit different in its functionality I believe.

Try this: Since you are trying to hold it until the a.m., which is tomorrow, turn on both the date and time. Set the date for tomorrow and the time for the time you want, a.m. will be there.


That’s it. No bug then, just an adjustment in how it functions. Maybe prior was a bug and I never knew it. :wink:

Thanks for the response.


I didn’t figure it out until I went to verify your bug and tried the date part in conjunction with the time.


It was so simple and steering me in the face.



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