Thermostat display question

Is there any way to have the thermostat display the temperature constantly? I miss walking past the thermostat and seeing the current temperature.

It should show it when walking by. Does the screen not light up?

No it does not.

I just saw I hadn’t taken the protective plastics cover off the thermostat. It works now. Silly me.


haha! easy mistake! glad it was a quick fix.

Still would be nice if it could have an option to display the temp all the time on the wall unit. I like to glance at it while sitting on the couch, not having to walk by. I just replaced my Ecobee and I loved all the information on there including outside temp. I’m going to miss that, but the internal temp I won’t just miss, I’ll want, and this could be enough to have me go back to the Ecobee and give this to someone else…


Yeah I hear you. Hopefully the temp gauge they promised comes soon. That will fix your issue. I intergraded mine with Alexa and can ask her the inside temp. She will read it to you (to a tenth of a degree as well!)

I have the same problem! Replaced my ecobee and my wife and I both miss seeing the temperature when we glance at it from across the room like ecobee had. Having the option to keep the display always on at a dimmed level would be very nice.

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I second this. The next firmware needs to have a always on / dim setting. As well as humidity.


And time.

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Yes to all but I especially wish I didn’t have to open app to see humidity, It should be visible on the display

I second or third that motion. I am not a fan of cracking open the app or walking by the thermostat to trigger the display. I do have it hooked up to my Amazon Echo and can ask a few simple questions, but to have at least the always on display be an option would be nice.

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Why is the current temperature so small when thermostat is calling for heat? I need a microscope to read it!

I would also like the current temperature to read all of the time!

My need is to have the display not turn on in the middle of the night when going to the bathroom and lighting up the bedroom. Can the display be scheduled to light up only from 6AM to 10PM or another option is to be able to disable the motion sensor manually ? Didn’t find anything that did that.

The other display option which would be beneficial is to have the display when on HOLD be dim as when in the “Sleep Mode”, instead of 100% bright.

The temporary work around I implemented was to put the thermostat in HOLD, then put it in Sleep Mode, then adjust the thermostat to the temperature that it should be for the HOLD. Then when walking past the thermostat it only lights up in 25% or 50% brightness.
This is a painful option, but at least it doesn’t light up the bedroom at night when on the HOLD setting.

Anyone have a better idea?

Is this still a product defect with the Wyze Thermostat? The display stays turned off until you walk up to it?

We want to get some new thermostats and I am considering rewiring to support a smart one (we just have 2 wire now) but what’s the point of all that effort if the display doesn’t even stay up? Our existing battery powered ones do, except for the backlight.

Is the display on the Wyze Thermostat still blank in normal operation?

The display shuts off if nobody is around. That’s probably good for the majority of use cases where the thermostat isn’t in a living space but not so good if you want to see the setting from across the room.


Thank you for the reply. Yeah all three of ours are where we’d like to be able to view them. I took a closer look at our wiring and we decided to just go with more 2-wire dumb thermostats for now. I also checked out the market and one of the only battery powered 2 wire smart thermostats (Lux) got bought by Johnson Controls who apparently immediately forced an update that killed half of its functionality.

I did see someone else link to a system based on a Bluetooth transceiver module but can’t find it right now.

To confirm, we haven’t received a firmware update to tstat since initial release (December)…just crazy. They have moved out a few updates in app releases, but have never actually mentioned in feature list…just tucked into “Bug Fixes.” I think they are trying to stabilize the tstat without too much visibility, and unfortunately, trying to make first firmware release too big and perfect, but having trouble testing everything…who knows :roll_eyes:

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There was a 1.1.2 firmware update along with a 2.18 App update earlier this week, but I just read the firmware update was pulled for Android users due to problems with the update mechanism. Although that didn’t stop me from picking up fw version 1.1.5.b1 while it was erroneously up for a brief moment on Monday night. But since there are no release notes out for that, I have no idea what I got with that one, but it seems to operate fine.

Careful with 1.1.5.b1 … I picked up this firmware update as well, but it bricked my thermostat. I made the mistake of doing a reset and new set up with this firmware. It won’t get past the Finishing Setup step. I have a warranty replacement on order because I can’t get back into the thermostat. Good luck!