Thermostat display question

Yup, I’ve been VERY careful with it, so I’m definitely not going to re-add it! :open_mouth:

What’s in 1.1.5? I don’t do the beta program and the one thing I’m looking for is the always in display option. I have 1.1.2 and no luck in that feature for that release.

Enough people have wanted it that you would think it would be a fairly simple hotfix.

1.1.5.b1 was not meant to be released publicly so there are no public release notes. But I don’t see an always on setting.

The new firmware install kept failing, so I cleared the cache and it worked, but got the 1.1.5.b1 version. Others have reported that clearing the cached didn’t resolve the issue and let the firmware install. But in any case the 1.1.2 release has been pulled for some fixes. My thermostat appears to be working correctly and not having any issues. But then I didn’t do a full reset like Mark5, so maybe that is why mine worked. (The full reset was going to be my next step, if the clearing the cache didn’t work. So, maybe I got lucky.).

Does anyone happen to know if the Amazon Smart Thermostat display stays on? I haven’t been able to find an answer, but I think it does. (It also seems to have unusually rave reviews and sells for 25% less than the Wyze.)

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Thanks, @Rulwiz ! If I manage to yank some new cable through my drywall this one is high on my list now.

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Why not the wyze thermostat ?

Because it (crazily) doesn’t display the temperature!

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The wyze thermostat doesn’t display the temperature?

Correct. Reportedly it does not display anything unless you approach it. Crazy, huh? See above.

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Correct , the display is off until you walk up to the t-stat and the sensor triggers on the display. You have to be about 6 inches away give it take for it to turn on and display the reading

I understand though , now that I think of it . Having the display ON at all times would be better for wanting to know the reading across the room if you needed to know

But you can always check the app and or get an Alexa and set it up to your thermostat. Then you can just ask Alexa to read you the temperature.

I have the thermostat and i actually kinda like it .

Wow, 6 inches is even worse than I thought. :frowning:

It’s whatever people are comfortable with, in the end. Glad you like yours.

For me I want it to to at least match the functionality of the $20 thermostats that have been on my walls for 30 years or so, and not displaying the temperature doesn’t qualify. Having to whip out a phone to do this is, to me, pretty stupid when you’re sitting at home.

Different strokes. All I would really want is a usable display, multiple zones, and Alexa integration, so the Amazon device sounds like a winner.

Unfortunately I’ve re-confirmed that I’m not going to be able to run C wires any time soon. It seems the only real game in town for me would be the Emerson Sensi, which comes to about $20 after utility rebate (but they only cover two). It’s moderately ugly but so what. (The battery Nests are $200 and have a poor reputation.)

I kind of hope Amazon comes out with a battery version though. The reviews on the Sensi say they’re getting 2+ years on a couple of AA batteries, which seems nearly impossible for a WiFi device, Amazon should be able to match it at a lower price.

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As long as you get what you need that’s all that matters

I bought the thermostat when it was about $73 and with the $5 shipping made it out to $78 so my utility company gave me a rebate of $75 so I ended up only losing $3 which isn’t bad

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If you have an outlet nearby, you can plug in a low volt transformer and run the wires to the thermostat. That’s what I did for my 2 thermostats.



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Thanks. Yup. One location is right above an outlet so dropping the line to the transformer would be simple, but the other two are not, and I wouldn’t get away with leaving visible wires. :frowning: