Thermostat Boot Loop after 6 months

I have what I think might be a weird issue, and was hoping I am not the only one.

The thermostat will enter into an endless boot loop, at random times. All boot loop issues I have read here (unless I missed something) centered around the installation, but mine was installed properly as it has been working flawlessly for six months (including the “busy winter season” for thermostat control). It started happening at the end of June. What I would do is disconnect the main unit from the wall (leaving the wiring intact) for a couple of days, and then reconnect it and it will work fine. But then it will happen again after two weeks, sometimes longer or shorter. It’s very random although it is starting to happen more frequently — and it is getting colder inside our house.

I have sent an email to support, but was hoping someone else had the same experience and possible solution. Thanks.

Hi @publicstaticvoidmain This is just a guess, check the wiring connection is tight on the backplate. It can be connected fine 99.9 % of the time and then a high resistance can cause a reboot.