The wyze app is only recording half of my cameras

I have the plus unlimited plan. And it correctly shows all 7 cameras on the PC even though only 1 or 2 will play there. But I have asked customer service for help with the cameras not recording via the app. I have 5 models so it is not that. The ones that will not record have that old fashion line of bars going across the app when you press playback except nothing is in the bars. Each camera not recording says click on cam plus to order for $x. The cameras firmware is up to date, the app is up to date, we have done the delete the camera and reinstall move. You call Wyze and they say they are closed and then give you their hours and it is 3 hrs before they close. Does anyone have a fix for this. I know a few cameras don’t have a card in them but that can’t be the issue. I have gone through every setting on every camera. Everything is the same. I can’t past go, to even try using any rules.
I can get a live view on all the cameras. Hopefully someone has found the fix to this. Thx

Have you checked that the cameras are assigned to the cam plus license in the account > services tab? Could you send a screenshot of that page as well as the “old fashioned line of bars” you are seeing? Thanks.

For a camera to have footage available for playback, you need a SD card in the camera. The cameras that don’t have the sd cards, which you say a few of your cameras don’t, won’t have anything available in the local storage playback area.

This is your cloud recording service. To view your cloud saved event clips, you can visit the event tab in the app.

Your sd card local storage and your cloud cam plus recordings are two seperate and independent functions of each other. You can have one, both or neither at anytime (dependant on certain camera models available features of course).

Where are your cameras not recording? Where this is occuring will help to focus the troubleshooting.