The Troops going home

They must have been out for an early breakfast. :astonished:

Plus a bonus possum


One of them dirty the water by swimming in it.

Sometimes they turn it into a mud bath and I have to wash the container every day.

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Hey, MFP was supposed to be Kitty guarding the watering hole. Where’s your body guard?

MFP was there until about 4:00 AM but then he came back playing follow the leader.
I think he wanted the leader to share his Rat that he caught someplace. I saw them both coming from the far back corner of the backyard then down the East side yard past that critter cam. Maybe MFP was getting survival lessons from the leader cat. The other cat is a Gray cat who started hanging around here also. Or maybe the Gray cat stole it from MFP. If you turn your sound up all the way you can hear one of them is MAD. :pouting_cat:


See? They’re helping you with the rodents! You should praise them!

Probably helping the neighbors with rodents, they are the ones who leave their pet food outdoors. Either way it was a first for me here, a real working cat. :smile: :smile:

Mystery solved The Gray cat caught the rat in the neighbors yard. I viewed my backyard cam SD recording and saw him come over the fence with the rat. Yellow arrow shows where he came over the fence. MFP was by the stump on the bottom left of the picture ran across the yard and started chasing the gray cat.

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