Predators seeking prey

Camera pointed under my small deck trying to capture what rodent was burrowing near the back corner of the house–near the down spout—RAT and MICE identified and also predators (FOX, RACCOON, CAT) looking for them!

Rat and mouse snooping around:

Large vicious hungry raccoon heading for corner–side tracked by smell of peanut butter:


Domestic (cat—not mine)


Thanks for sharing with us, the fox are smart animals.

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Yes they are, I think they helped clear out the potential rat problem.

thanks for sharing, you have so many visitors


Got your own national geographic/animal planet show going under there.

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I’ve been hoping to capture one of the predators catching a rodent. I haven’t seen the rat in a while…if you look at the second fox video, that is the most recent…it goes to the corner and then just rolls out. Hopefully the rat abandoned it’s dwelling or was captured or killed some other way. The mouse was out there again last night.