Bobcat prowl


What was he looking for?

We have a variety of predators in the neighborhood. Owls and hawks. Foxes coyotes and bobcats. We have seen a bobcat take a bird, squirrels and rodents from our property. We have a Wyze camera video from a couple of years back of one chewing on a deer carcass. We don’t think it killed the deer, just snacking on it.

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I was just wondering if you had something in those huts that he was typing to pick off.

We put a couple of our old dog and cat houses in the back yard. We put food out for the various critters—domestic and wild—who come by for snacks. If its raining, we put the food bowls in the little houses to keep it dry. The coyotes, bobcats and foxes patrol the neighborhood to see what they can find. We have had foxes, raccoons, coyotes, skunk and deer all eating simultaneously. Watching each other but still eating all together.