Red Fox Mousing Captured at night on Wyze Cam V3

The “pounce” is called mousing. Most successfully done in a North 20° East direction. The catch appears to be a squirrel based on the bushy tail, but other speculations are rabbit or chipmunk. What’s also amazing is this was captured in only ambient lighting, otherwise pitch dark.


I totally loved all the pouncing, especially the little double-pounce (around 0:51 for those who don’t want to watch the entire 2min).

I have to say, that was no “Mouse” it caught, more like a rabbit, since it was nearly the size of it’s head. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.


That was a determined red fox. I always chuckle when I see that behavior.



It is pretty cool how they do that they can find a rodent 12 inches under the snow jump up stick their head in there and pull em out.
That there was not a mouse , to big


this would be the perfect use of the spotlight with the V3.

just enough light you would get the fox color but I dont think it would disturb it.

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Hello, @Wldbear

I agree with @carverofchoice and @HDRock that it wasn’t a “mouse”, unless you feed them extremely well in your neighborhood to become huge (my guess would be a rabbit as well) :thinking:.

Reminds me of the documentaries we’ve watched showing Arctic Foxes or Polar Bears “Pouncing for Prey” (or, expensive Spy Cams).

In the Polar Bear video, you’ll see one of the cameras fall off at 1:06 while the remote Spy Cam is trying to make a daring escape :face_with_monocle:.

Thank you for sharing your Fox video.


If I heard the narration correctly the main cam dropped the “snowball call” as a distraction while it made its escape.

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That’s correct @mvb.

My caption merely failed to mention that the snowball cam “fell-off” intentionally :shushing_face:.

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