The International space station has been caught on a V3

so while working in my garage tonight I got alert on my phone that the ISS was going to be zooming over in just a few minutes…I rushed out and repositioned my V3.

the video is pixelated a bit ( i think due in part to my quick editing) but you get the idea, it begins right in the center of the frame, if you notice a small trail following the station (almost like a little comet or meteor) that is actually just a video artifact. I also captured it in night vision ( which worked considerably better) and while its in night vision on the top right area of the screen, that bright star looking thing is actually the planet mars.

so it has now been captured in both regular vision and night vision and long enough I think everyone can get an idea for how fast it goes over. this was roughly a 3-4 minute pass. I edited this video down to make it a quick and easy 40 second clip

but considering I captured something the size of a football field…in low earth orbit…250 miles above the surface of our planet…with nothing more than an amazing 20$ Wyze cam V3…I would say it was a success and Wyze has done it yet again.

the International Space Station seen through the V3


Here it is embedded for those who want to watch it within the thread here:


I agree that is really amazing. A very successful capture indeed. Excellent! :+1:

There is a special conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn over the next week or so you should be able to capture those as well.


I was looking at those tonight after I captured this. Sadly that’s going to be quite the stretch for the V3. In night vision you might be able to get a fairly good shot of it I might even try to get a time-lapse of them one night as they set to the horizon.

Sadly when they reach their maximum or as astronomers call it their zenith, they’re going to be only a few degrees off the horizon for my location that is. So it’s not going to be a spectacular as I would hope. But before the 21st when they are at their point I will definitely have my telescope out attempting to get pictures of both Jupiter and Saturn and maybe even some of their moons in the same frame.


Outstanding! What app do you use to give you that alert? Also, where are you located, generally?

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I use an android app to track the ISS.


and im in lower Michigan.



I’m on the other side of Lake Michigan, a little west of Milwaukee.


Lots of light pollution over there, you’d almost be better off going east of Milwaukee a ways :wink:

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Right and will you pay for the charter? :rofl: It’s actually not too bad here. My subdivision doesn’t have any street lights. I’ll admit that it is not as good as being out in the sticks.

Anyway, I have one video that I am not sure if it’s the ISS or a satellite. You have to go to full screen and look very closely at the center and watch for a very faint object moving toward the top of the picture. (I promise, it is NOT one of those sudden scream joke videos!)

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@Bam, I installed the ISS Detector yesterday. Today, about 10 minutes after I got 2 V3s set up outside, the app sent me an alert that the ISS would be visible in 5 minutes. I tried watching the live stream to see if I could spot it. No such luck. But I’ll put the SD cards in the morning and get a closer look.


make sure to go outside and spot it. once you’re outside you can manually aim the camera to capture it…you’ll have plenty of time assuming your cam is fairly easy to reach.

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Awesome work Maven! :fire::fire::fire:

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I know. My house has been blocking the ISS from my V3. My wife and I can see the ISS to the north and watch it streak across to fade to the east.

But my V3 in the backyard can’t capture the ISS because the ISS doesn’t clear the top of the house. The one bright overhead ISS pass was blocked with heavy cloud cover.


Too much ambient light in the front. Neighbor across the street would put Chevy Chase to shame with all the Christmas lights. I’d thinking I’ll sneak over and unplug the darn things so I could move a V3 to the front yard


Of course, I’d also have to pull the extra bright bulbs out of our two front yard post lights.

Oh well.

FYI That’s not my neighbor’s house. That’s the Griswold house in the movie Christmas Vacation. If you haven’t seen it, well worth watching.


I love that app. I use it all the time it’s taught me so much more about the sky than I thought I knew before. The developer of that app is a really decent human who really works hard to make this app work correctly.


You can sign up here. I was surprised how often it flies over my house!


Close your shades!! They’re spying on you! Ok, I’m joking.

Thanks for the link. I’m still trying to capture the ISS on my V3! Seems like it’s either cloudy or flying “darkly” over my house.

But then again, they aren’t spying on me.

Haha! Who know’s WHAT they’re up to up there!
I just found this on the Spot the Station web site and thought it might be of interest: “ The space station is visible because it reflects the light of the Sun – the same reason we can see the Moon. However, unlike the Moon, the space station isn’t bright enough to see during the day. It can only be seen when it is dawn or dusk at your location.”