The Highest Form of Flattery is Imitation, But No

So I was surfing around looking for which gadget is buy next to trigger the release of dopamine I must have, and ran across applying interesting.

Friends of yours, perhaps?


Xiaomi makes the hardware and they sell their own version elsewhere.

Wyze doesn’t have exclusive rights to the hardware, they just developed their own firmware and app. Now I’m really curious to see the Neos app :slight_smile:


That was posted days ago, old news.

Read on a thread on fb that the Neos app was pretty bad

Also note the ad posted above states “USD 19.99”
When it’s actually about $25.83, or £19.99.

The Neos web site states that it has “Auto-arming. Enables notifications automatically when you leave home.” That sounds like a must have feature. It would be nice to be able to do that without relying on IFTTT.


Thanks for your positive contribution to the discussion. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to hearing more of your “Can-Do” attitude moving forward.

I would love to have the auto-arming option in the Wyze App.