The Future of Wyze is Coming Part 1

Most smart bulbs will turn on after a power outage. I have had mine do it on a momentary brown out of power where the TV dimmed briefly and streaming continued but the lights came on sensing a power outage.


Also do not forget, you are one person… out of very many that have purchased. Out of that very many several on any given day may be reporting problems. The team is small and not all problems are easy to diagnose, especially if it only has been reported once or twice compared to more common issues.

Sorry to hear about these problems, folks. I’ll pass this feedback on to the team.

For the support issue, we apologize for the delays. We are working on hiring more people and adjusting things so we can get to tickets more quickly but we are definitely behind and we’re sorry.

And you should not forget that multiple people in this thread have said they have the same problem. Regardless, my purchase is as important as any other. But thank you for trying to minimize my problem.

Was not “trying to minimize” the problem. Take a chill break. I was just stating something that maybe not everyone thinks about is all. As I mentioned, I have had this issue in a matter of speaking but was able to find out why mine did it and shared that info as a possible solution. :grinning:

I’m popping in with a reminder here to keep in mind the Community Guidelines. Please be kind to each other.


Was curious as to the future regarding supply chain as Trump just announced new tariffs that will impact anything made in China. Will this cause Wyze to have to raise prices? Will a $20 camera and $29 Wyze Pan as well as $7.99 light bulbs still be possible? Will manufacturing move to other countries?

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When is the outdoor WyzeCam outdoor camera coming out? It is August 2019 and no beta of it at least.

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According to the Wyze CEO email, hopefully, it is still coming possibly before the end of the year. Maybe just in time for Christmas :grinning:

Everyone wants to get their hands on one of these for sure. 2019-2020??

Now, it looks like the last thing I owe you from that 2018 email is an outdoor camera. If all goes according to plan, you’ll hear from me again later this year.

— Yun Zhang, CEO


Also, per the thread in #roadmap, it is in testing (the last phase before release).


I am anxious to begin “testing” the daylights out of one soon!!!


It would be so great to improve on the playback feature.

Of course they will, they are going the right way!

I’m a big Wyzie fan. I only have two V2 Wyzies, one Pan Cam, and a new set of sensors, so I’m behind some of you. HOWEVER…I’ve been beating a drum for a long time. Why can we not get differing sounds for differing cameras? Surely…and I’m not a programmer or software engineer…it’s not that hard?? I never know which camera is alerting me! Now, I don’t know which door is being opened. Can someone please explain to me why this feature can’t be addressed? Pleeze…:slight_smile:

Cathie Simmons

There is a #wishlist topic on that which you can vote for here: Individual Camera, Sense, Doorbell, AI detection type, etc. Alert Notification Sound and/or Color

Ditto !

I assume you are wanting to rely on a sound rather than looking at your phone/app to be able to tell which sensor is being triggered? I have all my sensors specifically named for what they are, At least for me I do have the benefit of having a smart watch that does get the push notifications so I don’t have to look at my phone. With that said I would be concerned if the app was going off in a space that the sound may not be appreciated and you then you are relegated to turning them off and on all the time. Just my two cents as another Wyze guy.

I have never found custom sound notifications reliable on either Android or iOS. Sometimes they work, other times they don’t. I have custom ring tones set for my kids. Both on my Android (work) phone and my Apple (personal) phone.

In the high 90% of the time the custom ring tones work. But there are times when my kids call me, from their own phones, and I get the normal default ringtone. No rhyme nor reason, just sometimes does not work.

Interesting. I look at notifications as an aid. I also consider that insuring I don’t bother others with them is good manners. :slight_smile: Within my home, I have four Wyze devices. Ideally, each should alert me to which it is by using audio from my phone. If it’s a Tinkerbell, it’s in husband’s room. If it’s a Chord, it’s the front door. A Whistle is the garage door. You get the picture. Since I’m a caregiver, it would be immensely helpful to know which camera was detecting motion and sound. Then I’d know where my wanderer was.

I would love to have one of the Wyze techs explain more fully why this isn’t possible or even if it will ever happen. It’s nice to know we’ve addressed it on a WishList, but that doesn’t give hope to those of us who long for a more complete option for audio alerts.

Thanks for answering the question from your perspective.

Cathie Simmons


Will take a bit of work and some tinkering, but this may be hope

You can create an IFTTT recipe to play a custom alert on an Echo, via Notify Me, when motion is detected on a Wyze cam. (Not sure if there is a similar skill for a Google Home.)

UPDATE: I implemented this solution, and it works.

Couple of things to note:

  1. Notify Me uses the Echo Notifications functionality, so it shows you there is a new notification then you have to ask “Alexa read notifications” then it will say whatever you typed in your recipe. It won’t announce them immediately/automatically.
  2. It appears there have been some issues with Wyze and IFTTT recently, and people needed to reconnect to the Wyze service through IFTTT every 24 hours…will know tomorrow if this is still an issue and post back. (UPDATE 2: Still working.)