The app is a piece of crap, and so are the camera’s networking capabilities

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The playback needs to improve dramatically, it really sucks; it’s slow, sometimes I can’t even get it to work. Nevermind that in landscape mode the bar covers the timestamp on the video…

@Wyze - Where does the WI-FI signal strength need to be for the features to work reliably? A quantitative response would be nice here or some way to enable one to figure out if that’s the issue or not.

I would just like to pull the footage off remotely from my laptop; either the camera has a FTP server or SMB share.
Can’t you guys just add code to make the regular USB port support a RJ45 usb dongle?? You can restrict it to 1 dongle that you sell, if that’s what it takes. I could go for that to get better reliability and get off WIFI

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Hello @jonelli,

Are you running any VPN or private DNS on your smartphone?

Hey WyzeJonathan,
No, no VPN or private DNS on the phones. Simply the normal AT&T cellular data, 4G/LTE, etc… It’s never a bandwidth issue. Have lots of that both ways.

It’s a “connection” problem. Once I’m connected, it mostly works fine. Once in a while I’ll get kicked off reviewing footage, and have to reconnect, but imagine it like this:

Got a notification of motion on Camera1 - Play the clip from the cloud, cool. Then I want to see what happened AFTER that 12 seconds. So, I go to the app home page, click on the Camera1 and wait while tries to connect, over and over again. Sometimes it says step 2-Authorizing, then it tries again. After about 10 times of this, I’ll get in and can review the footage. Then if I exit the app, I have to spend another 5-10 minutes trying to connect to the damn camera AGAIN. I mean, I was just in there, reviewing footage and looking at live camera feeds. So, I know I have bandwidth and can connect to it, but it’s the CONNECTING that fails ALL the time. It’s so stupid.

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Well, I must be doing something wrong because all nine of my cameras as well as the outlets and bulbs have worked flawlessly since I installed them last September.
I am not a tech person at all, and maybe that’s important to mention also.
I have used the devices from many other networks outside my home within my state, from many networks in other states, from my cell phone (apple 5s) and ipad and never had a problem with live or with events.
I did have one defective cam out of the box and they shipped me a new one in days.
So, what am I doing wrong?

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Wish I knew what you were doing wrong too. I’d be doing the same!


Well if you have a marginal network, video is where it going to show up first. Really to diagnose problems you have to have some type of sniffer network software that will allow you to check signal levels at your camera locations. Especially important is to know what channel your router(s) are on and also what other WiFi signals from neighboring networks are penetrating your home. 2.4 Ghz is a very busy bandwidth with limited channels which can interfere with each other. So if you are getting slow performance or disconnections, your first job is to look at the environment around you and see if interference is you issue. One of the best things to do is to set your router channel selection for automatic. Then reboot your router. The router should look at your environment and choose the best channel based on what it sees within your home. While that works to a point, you could also be in a heavy use area. Right now there are a total of 11 networks penetrating my home at this moment. With only 3 non interfering channels you know that there can be issues. Typically the way you counter this is signal strength. The answer is to get a mesh network or additional routers that by pure signal strength outshout the signals penetrating your home. Also another technique is to reboot your router weekly. This will always make sure it is using the optimum channel for your home based on what it see’s. My mesh routers automatically look at the environment and reboot on their own once a week or so. They also have the ability to steer a device to the router that will provide the best signal strength and performance. As I noted earlier in another post, you can go to any major video cam customer forum and listen to the moans and groans about the performance of their cameras. The issue is the fact that in most cases it’s network related and you need to do the work to verify that your camera’s have a good signal level and aren’t being interfered with by other routers in your area. It’s a constant battle. I’ve dealt with it at home and professionally since I provided wireless WiFi services at our local convention center and Domed stadium.


I am also finding this to be true, I had pretty stellar performance signal- wise( in between Version swaps anyways) But I soon found myself floundering in the Dark world of Wifi Saturation in My neighborhood and Data Collisions. And too many Devices on My Network. ( Phones, Computers, Smart Crap, and Printers etc.). I decided to expensively experiment and add a Mesh system to the Mix and piggyback it off my Main Router. Moved all my Cams onto it, basically giving the cam system it’s own network…… Most of my problems vanished. Now if they would quit messing with the App…

I loved the Pan Cam cameras when I first got them. In less than 2 months, the solid blue light turned a solid yellow light, eventually I had them replaced. To make a long story short, you don’t get a new camera but a refurbished one where one or two functions don’t work. In my case, one was sent with a bad SD card slot that not only did it not recognize a SD card but it wouldn’t even record to the cloud. The 2nd one recognized the SD card but it kept going offline when the other 3 cameras were online. The firmware I was instructed to download fixed the offline issue but killed the SD card slot. It now records to the cloud, stay online but won’t record on the SD card.

I’ve trouble shooted so much by myself or with a representative, I finally said I don’t want another replacement. They were able to offer to send me a new Wyze Cam 2v. I already have one and it works great outside the house on top of my garages! I hope this one works without a problem.

I do have to say that despite all the problems the Pan Cams are having, they do try to help and keep the customer happy. It is just a shame that they don’t stay working properly. When they do work, the quality is great. The options on the app are extensive and it is very impressive with the options on the app on what we can do with it.

I don’t have too much of a problem with the Internet connecting and I have AT&T. The only time it is bad is when everyone in the whole neighborhood is on the Internet.

You are correct. I have many electronic devices that rely on the Wifi signal and one must have several channels to choose from. I bought an extender and it seems to work. When the signal is down, it is only for a brief time and rebooting the router definitely helps. If it doesn’t (Alexa), and everything else is online and works, then it is that particular device home network that is the issue.

I have been advised by the wireless router company to think about getting a new and bigger wireless router that can handle all the traffic. I am still thinking about it but it sure is expensive.

So, I’ve covered my house with aluminum foil. My WiFi signal is great now and besides, it also keeps out the alien mind-sweeps*.

*(that’s a joke)

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he has addressed all points exept the device use to view it on…
some cell phones are just no good…

Why not review recordings from the list of alerts sent to your phone?
OK, if you’re doing continuous recording then my suggestion isn’t useful. However, many of us have the Wyze Cam set on motion-sensing, thus we get an alert on our phones with the date and time of the “event” that was recorded. It’s easy to step through that list, deleting unneeded recordings as you go. Or, just select the one you want from the list.

If there’s a ton of stuff to review why not just grab the micro-SD card and play it back on your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC? I mean, how many playback options shoud we expect from a $20 camera, anyway?

The 12second motion detected cloud clips play fine. But they don’t capture again after that 12 seconds for some time. So I can’t see what happened 30 seconds after the motion.

I don’t know if anyone is listening anymore but I just tried something. Was at the doctors office and they had Spectrum Wi-Fi. From my iPhone using AT&T cellular, I tried connecting to my cameras. Same as usual. Gets to authenticating then retries over and over.
Connected to Spectrum WiFi (I have spectrum art home, so it’s likely on the same network)
And it immediately connected.
I could live view all of my cameras.
So trying to review footage, the pan/tilt camera played back fine.
Tried one of my fixed cameras and every time I would roll back the time it would disconnect and have Issues reconnecting.
Go back to AT&T Cell connection and I’ve got authentication issues again.
So, I’m pretty sure there’s two issues going on. The normal authentication issue with my cell connection getting to my network, and one of my cameras is having issues reviewing footage.

Where are some useful logs to troubleshoot anything? Without a log of activity, anything is just a wild ass guess and nobody can tell me what the problem is. Don’t give me that “video is hard over Wi-Fi” b.s. I’ve got plenty of things doing video over my Wi-Fi and when I’m connected to the cameras, I’ve got no issue playing live hi res video.
Any real IT troubleshooter would demand an activity log.

I have tons of issues with my Wyzecams locally, but it really sounds as if in your case it’s a matter of AT&T persistently blocking or throttling you…

Locally, I think most of the issues are probably SD card related is my guess.

But why is is it so hard to authenticate through my AT&T cellular? If it NEVER connected, I’d say there’s a configuration issue somewhere, but that’s not it. I CAN connect once in a great while if I’m persistent on spending the time trying to get it to connect. But it takes some serious time dedication.

But who the hell knows? Without a friggen log it’s all just a bunch of guesses!!!

This a you problem haha, I don’t have any of these problems. I was at work on LTE watching my camera and I used the 2 way communication mic to talk to someone through the camera just fine.