The ability to choose which AI Events we get notified

I would love to see the ability to choose which AI Events we get notified about instead of all or nothing.
On some cameras I only want to be notified if a person is detected but not a pet or vehicle and on other cameras it’s the opposite.
I don’t care if the camera still records those things but I don’t want a million notifications I don’t need.

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@bribur21 Welcome to the community! This feature is already available in the Wyze app. Click on my previous post below for details.


Nice Job. You posted as I was typing. :slight_smile:

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This is to toggle the AI event detection for the 3 options, not just to turn them off for notifications, right?

If you turn the options off, you will not be notified of those AI events for that Camera. Events will still be recorded, you will not be notified though.

Can you still filter by the AI event types after the fact?

you can filter based on different AI’s if they are tagged. To be honest, I am not sure if it still tags them if you they are not selected. My Experience says no as I don’t see the tags.

@carverofchoice. @Ken.S, or @R.Good can provide some better insight on this. They are pretty smart on Wyze Products.

You can, go into the events and hit the filter

Then select, what cameras and what attributes you want.

Hit show results

If you uncheck the CamPlus AI option for Package or Vehicle, will the Video still be tagged as such, but not send a notification?

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Hmm, it is difficult for me to absolutely confident since I almost always leave all AI selected and turned on, and I use detection zones to cut out the street, etc where I would see vehicles, but I do have pets (4 cats that go outside), and sometimes packages.

I BELEIVE that in general I have noticed the following: Despite having all AI notifications turned on for all my outside cameras (which all have cam plus and all AI detection options turned on), I pretty much only get notifications when a person is detected anyway. It definitely never alerts me about any of my pets. I also only get vehicle notifications when my wife parks in the driveway and gets out of the car and the Cam detects her as a person, and will also tell me there was a vehicle, but if she drives straight into the garage, I do not get a vehicle notification.

Same with packages, I only get package alerts because it detects a person at the same time.

I assumed it was simply that Wyze had not enabled notifications for anything buy people yet, but that all the other things would still be detected and labeled on events, but not notified yet.

That has been my experience thus far. The events getting labeled correctly have been pretty on-point (with the exception of my black cat regularly being assumed to be a human), but I have not really noticed notifications for anything else AI related besides a person unless a human was also somewhere in the event.

Perhaps that is something I need to test out some more. Is anyone here able to confirm they can get pet detection notifications even when no person is detected in the event? Because that basically never happens for me despite everything turned on…but filtering and detection still works great for all the events.

Unfortunately, I can only select Person, Package, and Vehicle. Have not got the others added to my account for some reason. Guess I didn’t opt in when I could have. :frowning:

However, I have noticed that my Wyze Doorbell will report Person, Package and all motion (I have this selected as well) and appropriately tags the video. I don’t have Vehicle selected and I don’t get events tagged as Vehicle, so I think it does not add the tag if it is not selected. Therefore, if you filter for Vehicle, you will not get any events from my Wyze Doorbell.

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Thanks for the replies everyone. The info on how to select the different AI Events by camera in my actual account was Very helpful. It’s sort of what I was looking for, but like @spamoni is getting at I was hoping for a way to have all the different AI events recorded and tagged but only send me a notification for a certain event.


That would be a nice addition, If it is not there already, post it as a Wishlist item. I will vote for it. :slight_smile:

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That’s what I thought I was doing with this post, but it’s my first time so I think I did it wrong :laughing::person_facepalming:

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:slight_smile: Not a problem. What you do is Create a New Topic and in the Category area select Wishlist. Once you create the topic, make sure you vote for it as well. There will be Vote Option at the top left.

The AI keeps recording most things as a vehicle, when it isn’t. I’m getting bombarded by vehicle triggers when it’s a tree shadow, or a dog, or a baby cart or birds. So I really don’t want them recorded at all, is there a way to stop it from recording them? I know I can stop the notifications but I also want recordings for a vehicle to stop because I don’t have time to review all of them.

@StopICU33 I don’t see this notification setting for the Doorbell Pro. Can you confirm?