That was fast

I have 4 WCO with cam plus but needed one more cam. I ordered a V3 with cam plus on Thursday 28 Jan.2021 and the mailman delivered it today Monday 1 Feb.2021.I hope I have no problems with set up and it works!


Do you get person detection on your outdoor cameras that have Cam Plus? I’m wondering because on all of my V2s and V3s with Cam Plus, the person detection works great and always has. I recently decided to add Cam Plus to my WCO, but person detection does not work on it. I only get motion alerts, never a person alert. I can’t figure it out.

Yes I get person detection on all 4 WCO. I am using firmware cam and base is I have the AI notifications turned on as well as all other motion.

Thanks! I’ll have to see if I can figure out how to fix this. I do have the notifications set like you do, but my firmware is on the cam and on the base station.