That Maven badge looks great on R.Good! - 4/7/22

Hi, Forum Friends!

We’re pleased to announce that @R.Good has graciously accepted our Maven invitation!

He’s been super active here and also in our Discord answering questions, giving feedback, and generally being a fun person to have around. Please give a hearty congrats to R.Good for his elevation!

:clap: :clap: :clap:


This should be no surprise to anyone who is active in the forums or on the Wyze Discord server. R.Good is constantly posting helpful replies to people, often creating interesting reviews on devices, and is very knowledgeable and helpful.

I’ll share my personal insights into why I think Wyze made a great choice choosing R.Good to become the next Maven:

I’m also a data guy and @R.Good 's forum stats support the point in how active and helpful he is with the community. He is consistently one of the highest-ranked users in every category of stat.

The following are just the stats for the last 12 months in the forum…not even counting all the years before this…out of over 109.5K registered forum users:

  • Posts read in the last year = 34.7K = 9th place out of 109.5K (3rd highest non-Maven/Mod)
  • Topics Viewed = 5K = 11th highest (7th highest non-Maven/Mod)
  • Replies Posted = 1.5K = 9th highest (4th highest non-Maven/Mod)
  • Topics Created = 50 = 5th highest (The #1 ranked non-Maven/Mod) (only beat out by Gwendolyn, 1 Mod and 2 Mavens)
  • Likes given = 1.9K = 11th highest (2nd highest non-Maven/Mod,)
  • Likes received from community members = 2.4K = 10th highest (the #1 ranked non-Maven/Mod)
  • He has been active in the forum Every single day in the last year (365/365 days).
  • He also has 30 unique forum badges out of 50 possible unique forum badges (I don’t know of any other non-mod/maven who has that many…though a couple are close) and he has some of them multiple times, for a total of 53 Forum badges where only a select few people have broken 50 (But I’d like to remind him that I’m still slaughtering him in that friendly competition between us as I have 39 unique badges and 100 total, so he’s got some catching up to do! :upside_down_face: )

The above are just related to the Wyze forum stats (in comparison to the other 109.5K registered forum users…not counting those who never register).

Other things worth considering:

  • He owns nearly every Wyze product, including multiples of many of them. (We have a friendly competition for who has the most Wyze stuff…and believe me he has A LOT) This is why he is able to test things for people and provide experienced responses for other community members.
  • He’s also holds the silver medal position on Wyze’s new Discord server as the 2nd highest ranked active user there, being beat out only by the beloved employee @WyzeJimmy the employee who runs the Wyze Discord server.
    That makes R.Good a great liaison to relay the important information he finds on Discord to us here on this platform as well for those of us who like to mostly stay here.

Basically, @R.Good even though I only met you here in the Wyze Forums (we have never known each other outside of the Wyze platforms), and have only ever conversed with you on Wyze’s platform(s), I’ve seen you behave as a Maven for long before you were ever officially given the title of Maven. You have most of the products/services, and you’re really knowledgable about the products and services, you’ve been active in the forums, you’ve been helping out community members wonderfully. You have more likes from community members than ANY other member who isn’t already an employee/mod/maven, so the community has already demonstrated how much they appreciate your contributions and that appreciation (among others) makes for a great indicator that there is a lot of support for making you a Maven. Honestly, I’m excited to have you join the Maven group as you’ve already been acting like a Maven forever now. Thank you for everything you’ve done to help make this forum a great place some of us enjoy visiting and for those looking for help. Welcome, and congratulations my friend. You earned this recognition with a lot of great contributions and work.


He really are good. :slight_smile:


Congrats @R.Good, welcome to the Mavenhood… :tada:


Congrats @R.Good, you so deserve it!


congrats @R.Good!


There really should be some kind of drunken ditty you can all bond-sing together. And film. And post. To the general forum.

Men in tights.


LOL… Maybe a fisherman shanty song. :rofl:


R.Good, another faithful servant to the general user base.

Kneel, foolish knight, and accept your klonking… :grin:

(that’s enough reference mixing for now…)

(am I messing up the team building…? )

(adversity builds strength!)

R.Good! :beer::beers:


Congratulations @R.Good, welcome to Maven status


Woot! yahoo Congrats R.Good and welcome to Mavenhood! :+1:


Congratulations R.Good!

You have definitely earned it! Although I think Wyze could have sprung for the Jedi Badge and Light Saber! So here are yours!


Ah HA! it has a red button:

That sounds indicative of the dark side…I knew R.Good was a Dark Jedi / Sith.

That is funny you guys were just talking about this yesterday:



Tell the truth, do you guys actually wear the costumes to bed? :wink:


Captured in battle!


Only on May the 4th!


Wow, Thank you everyone I am humbled. :bowing_man:

And to think… I just really like helping people out.

Oh… and my stickers and badges, I really like those. :rofl:


Strong the force is with this one!


This really isn’t enough about me. Is there some reason I am not a Maven? :crying_cat_face: