Thank you for making the forums a useful, not a negative, place

The reason I come to the forums, is to find solutions to the issues that I experience, or if I am lucky, to help find a solution to an issue someone else has.

Sometimes the result, is that there is no solution (yet). Sometimes others confirm my issue, and sometimes they have found and shared their solution. Sometimes I find that my issue is caused by my confusion (or more likely, my own stupidity).

And I realize that I am inviting criticism by saying this, but I don’t come here to criticize Wyze (deserved or not), and complain about, or rant and rave against Wyze and their products, services, or business practices and motivations, or try to convince others that they are delusional or stupid for buying or using Wyze products.

I appreciate those who come here for the same reason, to help or be helped by others.

Thank you everyone, for making this a valuable resource, rather than a just a place for negative venting about Wyze, that does not contribute anything to the issue or the conversation, except negativity and hostility.


Well said. And you are not alone. Many are here to not do things, but instead to do things constructive.


Well said. This is also why I started coming to the forums. I didn’t like the atmosphere in another platform because it seemed like most people were there to vent. And I am okay with people having a place to do that, but that isn’t what I was personally looking for or wanting to bring into my life on a daily basis. I wanted to get help, ideas and pass on help and ideas myself in ways that would improve my experience of how I implement my smart home setup so that I can be more satisfied and work around limitations and find solutions and creative ideas, etc. I found much more of that here in the forums and so it quickly became my “home” platform because that is more of what I was looking for on a daily basis.

So yes, I can totally relate to your sentiments, and I also thank everyone else who helps to make this a great environment in those ways. That is mostly what I, personally, was looking for as well. :+1:


It’s also more likely that Wyze staff will browse a smart, upbeat, constructive platform than otherwise. :bulb:


Using the word “Constructive,” is a keyword to me. Criticism is actually a very positive and good thing that needs to be encouraged. It is really quite helpful when done right. I do plenty of criticism. Some of it publicly, lots of it behind the scenes, but I think there can be a big difference between constructive criticism and throwing an emotionally charged entitlement tantrum of aggressive attacks, belittling, exaggerations, generalizations, etc. I don’t really “vibe” with that. And I am not saying that all frustrated comments are up to that level, that is just a polarized example. I know I mostly avoid interacting with negatively charged emotional posts. I am not saying that Wyze doesn’t make efforts to listen to input like that as well (they do), but human nature is to dismiss or avoid things like that. It’s just basically psychology to avoid things that are charged with negative emotion. I kind of addressed my instinct and typical behavior on this a little bit here:

I love helping people, but I don’t want to get caught in the crossfire of someone who is currently emotionally venting, so I am careful and usually avoid getting involved. Contrastly, if someone is having a problem and sincerely seeking help or advice, I LOVE to be involved in those discussions because they feel a lot more constructive and “safe” to me. In some cases, the issue might be the exact same issue, but the way it is handled is totally different and inviting.

Issues and constructive criticism and frustration are encouraged to share, and honestly A LOT gets improved and updated and fixed from constructive criticism, so I would never say that shouldn’t be present. Just needs to be done constructively IMO.

Again, I’m not speaking for Wyze…those are just my personal preferences.

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I am constructively constraining my contrarian urges as we speak, so you see… something. :wink:

Ugh, I wish FOR ONCE you would just come right out and SPEAK FOR WYZE already. :roll_eyes:

C’mon, take it for a spin! :kick_scooter: :grin:


I will say this. Try to be precise in your criticism. Strong clear criticism is constructive. BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!  is not.


I do say the whole “I am not speaking for Wyze” a lot…that is because it is not uncommon for some newer people or some who are just observing the conversation to see that I have the title of “Maven” and mistake that to mean that I work for or represent the company, when I don’t.

I do have a lot of knowledge and experience with all things Wyze, and things they have said, etc, but I like to be clear that I am not Wyze. I am still just a user like 99.99% of the people in here.

I guess it’s just a courtesy statement, both to the observing readers and to Wyze.

When I have something official to say, I usually say what the source was, or quote or link to it. So in a way I NEVER speak for Wyze, but I will share things where someone else from Wyze is speaking for Wyze and I’m just the intermediary with receipts. :slight_smile:


Yes, I understand why you do it, it makes perfect sense. And I understand why I react the way I do: it’s part of my nature. :slight_smile:

You’re a mensch and my online brother. Carry on.

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@B57 Thanks for starting this Topic, it’s of great interest to me.

Do you think it’s possible for a forum to become too placid?

Ie, is some contention actually healthy and constructive to problem solving?

Sorry, but no - contention and negativity are not useful.

But calm, factual, respectful, constructive disagreement can sometimes be useful.

As I see it, these are different, and have to do with the attitude and manner in which they are presented. Contention and negativity are not the same as factual, respectful disagreement.

We can disagree without being disagreeable. If we care more about winning the argument, proving that we are right, making our own point, and disproving or contradicting others, then contention and negativity is involved, which is not constructive or useful.


Yes, this is a very good way to word it. I agree with this. :+1: That is the idea I was trying to get across when I said “constructive criticism.” Well said.

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Why was I moved to do this?

Do you care to know? Are you curious?

I’m not sure even I know for sure. But I was.

Let’s say we agree that humans are mixed Emotional/Rational beings.

I range roughly from 50/50 to 30/70 E/R.

I don’t aspire to 10/90 or higher. I imagine the great majority in the tech world do.

Do you?

I never don’t value the E/.

It moves me.

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