Wyze Community Appreciation Day - Thank You

  • Your absolute least favorite part of Core:
    • The people. No, seriously. Other community members is listed as a favorite part but Which explains a lot, actually. This is divided into 2 sections:
      • Being upset at people who are negative/complaining/aggressive in their posts.
      • Being upset with the rude people who are often specifically rude to the first group as a reaction to the negativity or to the more favorable Wyze responses on negative posts.
      • This is actually why Core requires the most direct moderation and why post approval is so handy for us since we know to prepare for posts we expect to be explosive and can choose timing. :slight_smile:

Three years ago on the Forum:

Not no more.

I was gonna sandbag with some recent @carverofchoice but I can’t find the place where he says Contentious Core sucks and he avoids it in favor of The Fabulous Forum! :wink:

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