Test flight and data access and

Hi all,
I’m new to beta and was looking for more information about test flight. Google didn’t help so I’m asking here. I was wondering what data/access does this provide Wyze with. Do they have full access to view and control the app like remote desktop? Or is it something more simple like just being able to view the code and error messages etc? I don’t have my tinfoil hat on, Just trying to understand things on a deeper level as I have never done this before. Thanks!

TestFlight is an iOS app developed by Apple. It does not give Wyze or anyone else access to your device. It does deliver some information to Wyze or any other company using TestFlight to manage their Betas. Mostly demographic information about you and your device.

It’s rather innocuous really. By the way exactly what data is shared is detailed in exhaustive detail by the terms of use for the software.

Thanks for the information. That is exactly what I was looking for. Cheers!