Terrible Customer Service

Just spent 35 minutes on the phone trying to process a return (2nd call to respolve this) and got hung up on while waiting to speak to a supervisor. Terrible Customer Service.

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Just out of curiosity, when did you order and what did you order that you were trying to return?

Also, since you were waiting to talk to a supervisor, I am guessing that the rep must have told you that you couldn’t return the item and that’s why you wanted a supervisor? Did the rep tell you why? Can you give some more context into why you felt you needed a supervisor and why the response was unsatisfactory?

yours is a typical story about a Customer Service encounter and that is very sad

More Wyze banging from bangaroo!

Wyze used to have a 844 toll free number, but switched to a toll number 206.

That is cheap and terrible customer service in my opinion.

Called first to request a price adjustment since I had purchased a couple of days before the sale (we’re experiencing a rash of porch pirating in our neighborhood and I need more coverage) - unfortuately they are not doing this. They CS rep sends me an email “to process my return” which arrived an hour after the call ended. It was a link to the return portal, which informs my return cannot be processed through the portal. It links me to the Chat Robot, who send me back to the return portal. Calling CS again after both packages arrive and still no return portal love, to work on the return. I’m told they cannot process the return and she’ll send it over to the order team who will send an email within 24 hours explaining “why the can’t return my items”. I politely asked to speak to a supervisor and after 10 minutes on hold she lets me know nope, they’re busy and don’t have time to speak to me about my concerns. I expressed (politely - it’s not her fault) my desire to still speak with a supervisor and a willingness to wait. 12 minutes later - click, hung up on and we’re done. Next is the chat with another CS rep - end result is she’ll send it over to the order team who will send an email within 24 hours. I have already reordered all of the items at the better prices – most items are out of stock and backordered now. “Hassle-free returns. It’s that easy with Wyze.”


Door bell, Pro Motion Lights x3, Cam Pan v3 x2, SD cards for all, and Outdoor Power Adapters x2 were the ordered items.

Thanks. Will you followup after at least 24 hours passes and let me know if you get that email and whether this gets resolved? If it doesn’t, please post your support ticket number(s) in here and one of us will see what we can do to get this resolved for you. The Video Doorbell Pro isn’t showing as one of the products listed as “Final Sale” or “All Sales Are Final” or whatever. There are a few that were listed that way for the sales period, but this one has been showing with the return policy. So if you don’t get that email and get resolved, please let us know and post back with your support ticket number(s) so I can get this to someone to look into. They will want to try to let the normal process (24 hr email) take effect first though.

I like that you clarified that you were polite about it all. When I was going through college, I used to work customer service for several companies, and people would often verbally/emotionally abuse the reps when it isn’t their fault. I have much more high respect for people when they are still polite to the reps, despite a frustrating situation. It says good things about character when this is the case. :+1:

Anyway, let me know tomorrow about the email and resolution. We’ll do what we can to have this resolved somehow. Appreciate your time.

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Rather than getting frustrated on the phone or chat with Customer Support, sometimes it is just easier to submit the return manually online.

Ah, yes - the return portal…

It’s been well over 24 hours and I haven’t heard from the order team. Too bad Wyze’s growth is imacting thier customer satisfaction.

Okay. Will you find and post your support ticket numbers in here so we can escalate the situation for you?

1st support ticket: 3489494
2nd support ticket: 3499857
3rd support ticket: 3499718
I just recieved an email associated with the last ticket: We are so sorry for the wait. We are experiencing extremely high support requests and our responses are taking a bit longer than usual. An agent will be with you as soon as possible, so please hang tight.
Thank you so much for your patience and thank you for being part of Wyze!
The update is much apprecited!

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OK, Maybe I’ll give it 1 more day before escalating then. I know they had a bad outage last night, so they probably got overloaded with emergency support tickets. Please keep me up to date if you hear more though. I want to make sure you get taken care of.

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Thanks - I appreciate it.


Did you hear anything back yet @clay2 ?

I received an email yesterday with 1 return label and was able to get the 2nd return label for package 2 the same day. Returns are shipped. The CS agent was friendly and helpful via email.


OK thanks. It sounds like it’s working out now. I’m going to drop doing an escalation then unless you let me know there was a further problem with this later. :+1: I’m glad it seems to be processing as it should. Thanks for bringing it up so we could ensure you get taken care of properly. I’m sorry it took 3 support tickets. It should’ve been resolved with one single obvious contact in this case. I know there are employees looking over posts to learn how they can make reasonable improvements in satisfaction, etc. This kind of feedback will be helpful for them. At least it seems that it got taken care of in the end.

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