Temporarily ignore no-go zones

It would be really great if we could set our robot vacuum to temporarily ignore any no go zones that we have set up.

For instance, we have quite a few bathroom rugs throughout our house that the robot vacuum can’t handle. So we said no go zones for those areas. However, sometimes we want to pick up the rugs and have the vacuum clean that room. Right now, there is no easy way to do that. There could be a simple setting or toggle to turn off the no go zones without having to delete them and then re-add them. Or, we could temporarily disable certain no go zones but not all of them.

As a workaround, I created and mapped a second “floor” in the Wyze app that I called “Go Anywhere” and didn’t create any no-go zones on. When I want it to clean in a normally no-go area, I switch to that map, and then switch back to the regular map when done.