No Go areas aren't respected when cleaning a different part of the house or heading to charge


I have a section of floor where there is a cord that is in a No Go zone. When the vacuum is set to clean the entire map that works out fairly well - until:

It heads back to charge and runs right through the No Go.
I send it to clean a specific room past the No Go and it runs right through it. And yes, it does have a way to get around the No Go. Just not a straight line.

I thought that the No Go would be just that - Don’t ever go there.

Thoughts beyond moving the charging station?


What do your map and no-go zones look like? Sometimes the vacuum will try to go around the no-go zone when it “thinks” there’s space. You may want to try making the zone a little bit bigger.

There is plenty of room to go around the No Go zone. Vacuum doesn’t even try - just right through it. Only happens when moving to a different room to start or returning to charge/finished cleaning.