Temperature sensing

See quite a few questions on this… Is Wyze working on something? Has anyone used a third party sensor with any luck? Thx All.

I use the sensors that come from Ecobee. Temp is very accurate but the occupancy part of the sensor leaves a lot to be desired.

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Thank you for the guidance - I will check them out. If you had a part number or model, that would also be extremely helpful if they have multiple types…

These appear to only work in conjunction with an Ecobee thermostat.

However I have also heard good things about these:

Govee Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer, Mini Bluetooth Humidity and Temperature Sensor with Data Export for iOS Android, Temp Humidity Monitor with Alert for House Wine Cigar Living Room Baby Room Amazon.com

I have been using an Ambient Weather WS-0262A for several years. It’s meant for outdoor use, but I have the outdoor sensor in the basement. I bought it because it is IFTTT compatible.

I mainly use it to turn the dehumidifier on and off with a smart socket based on the moisture level, but occasionally I will ask Alexa what the indoor temperature is at the base unit.

Now that i have a smart thermostat, it’s easier to ask Alexa for the temperature with it.

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I use the Switchbot temperature/humidity sensors (although only temperature is available when queried via Alexa or Google Assistant). The sensors are $19 each on Amazon (and have a display), but require a hub for use with a voice assistant or over the internet. (Their Hub Mini is $39).

The sensors:

The hub:

Thanks! Will take a look…