Tell me why I should buy a Wyze cam Floodlight?

I really want to order this, but need to convince my husband that it is a great product! I would also like to purchase the add-on camera for additional coverage. Also, I’ve been reading a lot about issues with the SD cards. Should I buy the SD cards directly from Wyze? I’m also having a hard time finding anything that explains what size SD card to buy. Please help with any Pros and Cons, and thank you, in advance!

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Which floodlight are you looking at? Theirs two versions now , v1 floodlight and the floodlight pro

1 word, “Don’t”. I wasted almost 200.00 on 2 units and they’ve never worked as advertised. I’m really pissed. The latest fubar is one of the floodlights started making buzzing sounds through the speaker. Wyze offered some lame suggestions. Spent over an hour factory resetting the thing, now it doesn’t turn on at night, at all. IMHO they’re a real failure


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I don’t have the Wyze Floodlight version 1. But you may want to take a look at the floodlight that was just released today that @Rulwiz mentioned, the Floodlight Pro. I just ordered one today.

But, it doesn’t have the USB port to plug a second cam into. :disappointed:

On SD Cards… Wyze states that their cams are compatible with cards up to 256GB. But, that is just the highest they have tested it with. There are users who have used larger cards. The problem with larger cards is getting the bank loan to pay for them. :money_mouth_face:

I have 25 cams, all with High Endurance 256GB SD Cards. I ONLY recommend High Endurance cards that are specifically designed and warrantied for use in security or dash cams. This is because they will require write and rewrite over an over again and need to last. I bought cheap cards and they failed very quickly. Make sure you look at their warranty. Mine are warrantied for 40,000 hours.

I don’t use the Wyze cards so I can’t tell you how long they last. But, knockoff and counterfeit cards are all over the internet. Be sure you are buying a reputable brand from a reputable supplier. Most hardcore Wyze users have their own favorite brand. I used SanDisk in the past with good results and also found the Samsung cards to be high quality. Right now I am testing the durability of TeamGroup cards and haven’t had a single failure yet (on any of these brands).

What size you get depends on how much history you want on them. How much history you get will depend on your settings. HD recording takes up about twice the space of SD recording quality. I get from 21 to 28 days of continuous 24\7 HD recording history on my cams depending on the cam model, their settings, the conditions, and other activity on the card like saving Timelapse videos.

I have 2 V1 floodlights and do like them over my original floodlights because they’re much brighter. I also love having cameras mounted outside for more security coverage.

However, my husband, who grills outside regularly, complains that the floodlight doesn’t “work well”. I take that to mean the light doesn’t come on immediately when he goes outside, which can be annoying.

Hopefully the new floodlight pro would work better.

As for SD card I bought these PNY 64GB cards for my floodlights and they’ve been working well for months, but going forward I would only buy high endurance SD cards because I want to avoid climbing the ladder when something happens to the SD cards.