Telephone support

I need to talk to someone about my account. I can’t find a phone number to call so I can get my account straightened out. Can anyone direct me to a number so I can get some account billing and subscription help?

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Wyze recently pulled that info from the website in an effort to drive more contact thru the Chat Bot.

But, it does still exist:

(206) 339-9646 or 1 (581) 500-1166 (Canada)

Email them direct at


Thanks for the info. The bot is not very useful in my opinion.


It is useful for the 77.789% of simple questions it gets asked about “How To”. But for specific account and billing questions specific to a user’s account, it is relatively useless. IMO they should have a seperate billing and account department to contact.

BTW, you can shut the chat bot up and get connected to a human to chat with just by typing “Chat with a Human” until it connects you to Tier 1.


Thanks for the tip!