Talk about delay

Yesterday I installed the Doorbell Cam.
Tested it out, and all seemed to work, with the usual delay.
Later in the evening I decided to watch the live feed from it on my phone through the app. A couple of seconds in I see one of my cats walk onto the front porch so while talking through the app I walk to the door to open it, that took about 15 seconds from couch to door.
Opened the door and no cat even though there was still a cat on cam. Recognizing the delay I chose to stand there and watch how long it took, 30 seconds later the cat finally walked out of view of the doorbell cam.
That is a 45 second delay in the ‘live’ feed! At least that long I should say, the cat was already in the backyard looking at me looking at it through the house windows.
If the live feed is that delayed it will be about useless for live monitoring anything. But I will be able to see if someone breaks in, steals a package 2 or so minutes later. At least the doorbell portion only has a delay of 3-5 seconds.
What sort of time have the rest of the users seen?

mine in nearly instantaneous.

this is more than likely an issue with your system or your ISP. the Wyze servers are only used for the inital connection, after that everything is on LAN.

what router setup are you using? do you have cameras that are also showing the same delay in “live feed”?

Google WiFi Mesh
My Wyze Cam v1s, v2s, v3s, and Pan all have less than 7 second delay.
I am also getting an error 07 when a notification vid drops. It will not load the video, but I can download the video.

45 second delay? On a live feed? Where are all the frames being cached?

A colleague of mine had the Google WiFi Mesh. He recently replaced it with the TPLink Mesh x20’s or the ones at Walmart (Different number same item). He was having sporadic issues with his Sonos system losing connection, timing out, and even delays. Other equipment, computers, Netflix, etc, seemed to work fine.

Once he replaced the Google system, his Sonos has been solid.

I have a different TPLink setup with no real delays on live streaming of video’s.

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What type of neighborhood do you live in? do you have a lot of close neighbors maybe in an apartment building or something like that? A lot of busy Wi-Fi signals in the area?

What are your Wi-Fi speeds like on average? Did you buy your modem or is it an ISP supplied modem?

it sounds like there’s something within your system or your environment that’s slowing everything down. I don’t see much on that router system that should be slowing it down so I’m guessing it’s either the modem the speeds and bandwidth or the environment

I kinda doubt this. If the network is busy, he’ll experience dropped frames, not delays.

I live on an acre.
Good question as to why I get all the frames but with that huge delay.
Obviously not a problem with the Google hardware if the other types of cameras are working properly.
And there there is that error but able to download the captured clip for things not live streamed.

I can think of one possibility; buffer bloat. Maybe the Wyze + Google mesh combination has that issue?

Borrow another router and try to replicate the problem.

Edit: A quick and easy way to switch over to another WiFi router is to use exactly the same SSID and password.

Shouldn’t that affect all the cameras equally?
I guess the electronics in this particular system could be different enough to affect only it on a G-Mesh in live mode.
Anybody have a clue about that damn error. Doorbell cam is up to date.

I think this is an android app issue. I have this problem on my emulated android app but not on iphone as far as i can see. Delay gets longer over time. I don’t know if they use rtmp->hls on nginx displaying through videojs for their app but I have a similar problem streaming this way for my own stuff, certain browsers develop lag and sometimes audio desync over time.